Multi-dat­ing: the rules

If you’re not ready to set­tle down with just one per­son, here’s how to do things the right way

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Do Be Hon­est

As our ex­pert says, it’s to­tally OK to date more than one per­son, but you’ve just got to be hon­est. The best thing to do is be up front from the start Ð that way there will be no awk­ward mo­ments later on.

Do Stop Be­fore It Comes To Cheat­ing

If you’ve ended up in a re­la­tion­ship with one per­son, it may be time to think about cool­ing it off with the oth­ers. Speak to your part­ner and see what they think. Open re­la­tion­ships are pos­si­ble Ð but only if both par­ties agree!

Don’t Lose Track Of Who’s Who

If you’re dat­ing mul­ti­ple peo­ple, don’t mix them up (what was that Sam guy’s job again?). En­sure you’re clear on who does what and what you’ve told them or things are go­ing to get very con­fus­ing.

Don’t Get Too Car­ried Away

Look, we’re not go­ing to tell you how many peo­ple to multi-date but, as a rule, any num­ber more than there are days in the week is prob­a­bly too many Ð you’ve got to have enough time to fit them all in, re­mem­ber!

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