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She doesn’t call, she doesn’t text and she al­ways can­cels on you. We’ve all been there, right? Per­sia: i think the first thing that it comes down to, and i’ve had to make this call my­self, is ask­ing your­self, do you want the friend­ship to work out? Be­cause some­times it’s about say­ing: ‘this phase of my life is over and i’m mov­ing on.’ Write down a list of all the things you love about that per­son and then on the other side of the page, write down all the chal­lenges and dif­fi­cul­ties. that will help you ac­cess whether you need to keep – or end – the friend­ship. Joey: a cou­ple of years ago i got en­gaged while Per­sia had just had her heart bro­ken and it was so hard. We were talk­ing about for­give­ness in our videos but the re­al­ity was that we were on dif­fer­ent pages. Some­times life doesn’t give you what you want. if you know you want to move through some­thing, al­low some time away from them and re­spect where they are in their life. Friend­ships can come back af­ter a time apart.

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