Look’s Sam: It may be small but boy is it mighty! This pocket rocket did an amaz­ing job at blast­ing away the daily on­slaught of city grime. Its dainty size also makes it the per­fect travel com­pan­ion. Leah: I found it re­ally easy to use and love the fact that it’s made of sil­i­con, which is much more hy­gienic than ny­lon bris­tle brushes. This is the per­fect in­tro­duc­tory tool for dip­ping your toes in the cleans­ing brush trend. Look’s Sam: Af­ter a two-minute deep cleanse with this, my skin looked as if I’d had an hour-long fa­cial. It has two heads, one to ex­fo­li­ate and one to mas­sage mois­turiser in af­ter­wards. To­gether they’re a dream team. Leah: This de­vice left my pores barely vis­i­ble and my com­plex­ion soft and gleam­ing. It’sex­pen­sive,but thisoneiswell worththes­plurge! Use your cleans­ing brush cleanser with a g for the best re­sults, it’ll foam but ligh with­out mak­ing a mess. Rinse it with warm water, cold to fol­low en­sure it doesn’t breed Aim to bact change the head of your every b months, de­pend­ing on of­ten you ho use it.

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