Emilia: ‘I Be­lieve In The Magic Of Love’



To say Emilia Clarke is one of our favourite Brit ac­tresses would be a bit of an un­der­state­ment. She’s funny, she’s clever and she loves a burger just as much as we do – truly a girl after our own hearts. And now the 29-year-old’s go­ing to be tug­ging on our heart­strings (see what we did there?) along­side the gor­geous Sam Claflin in Me Be­fore You. Here she talks raid­ing Lou’s wardrobe, work­ing with her ‘dream­boat’ co-star Sam and why she’ll al­ways be ro­man­tic…

We loved how kooky Lou was. What drew you to the char­ac­ter – were you look­ing for a change from Daen­erys Tar­garyen in Game Of Thrones? It was more that I got sent it and thought: ‘There’s not a world where I’m not do­ing this part. There’s not a world where I’m not fight­ing tooth and nail to play Lou.’ And it was just so joy­ful. Ev­ery­thing I’m known for on-screen is so dif­fer­ent from who I am, but with Me Be­fore You, in be­tween takes, I would be no dif­fer­ent off-cam­era… This was just such a beau­ti­ful op­por­tu­nity to play a large part of who I am – the clumsy id­iot! Sounds like a pretty straight­for­ward shoot for you, then! Yeah. I just got to do all the things that I al­ways want to do. I got to re­ally crack peo­ple up! It was bril­liant. Hav­ing Sam as a co-star can’t have hurt – what was it like work­ing with him? [He’s a] dream­boat: super, super good! I feel like leads ei­ther hate each other or love each other – and hap­pily we were in the ‘love each other’ cat­e­gory! He’s a dude. Di­rec­tor Thea Shar­rock said that she’s never lost an ac­tress more to the cos­tume depart­ment dur­ing re­hearsals. Is that right? Oh my God! Ev­ery sin­gle day, for a month, we would have four hours a day of de­cid­ing on cos­tumes, just try­ing to fig­ure them all out. I had 70

at one point, but then it got whit­tled down to 52. We never used the same out­fit twice. [Lou] only lives in a lit­tle box room… She can’t fit all those clothes in there. So her shoes, she hung them on the walls with a bit of skirt­ing board. I was so over the moon when I walked into Lou’s room. Did you get to keep any of the out­fits? I tried! There were hun­dreds and hun­dreds… I got given the tights, the bum­ble­bee tights. My amaz­ing hair and make-up lady got some of the left­over fab­ric of the wedding dress and made me a Lou doll! Thea was very de­fin­i­tive that Me Be­fore You is a love story. What did you feel? Yeah, it’s the back­bone of the whole story. The story to tell is the story of their love. It de­fines who they be­come and the choices that they make.

Are you a big ro­man­tic movie watcher? What are your favourites? When Harry Met Sally is the ul­ti­mate for me, the ab­so­lute ul­ti­mate – I know it all off by heart! Any­thing – be­cause of the age that I am – with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks in it: Sleep­less In Seat­tle, You’ve Got Mail… I love all of those. Then Four Wed­dings And A Fu­neral! They’re all shame­less – proper stay-at-home-on-a-sun­day with a box of Kleenex. Are you an unashamed ro­man­tic? Er… yeah! I have this the­ory – it might fall flat – but I watched Cin­derella the other day, be­cause my mate Richard [Mad­den] is in it. I was watch­ing it and it just re­minded me that, as a kid, I grew up watch­ing Dis­ney and you grow up be­liev­ing in magic, and the ‘hap­pily ever after’ of it all. And I think that movies like this have that lit­tle sprin­kling. Rom-coms, they make you feel safe. They make you feel like there’s hope. These things just tap into a uni­ver­sal truth. There’s a lit­tle bit of you that wants the hope, and wants the op­ti­mism and wants the magic. And Jojo’s [au­thor and screen­writer Jojo Moyes] book and this movie has that.

Rom-coms make you feel like there’s hope. A bit of you wants the op­ti­mism, the magic

Emilia as Lou with co-star Matthew Lewis

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