How ash­ley Over­hauled Her Bod

star is to­tally The EX-MIC after #strong­not­skinny a for­mer train­ing with San­suni­tard… Gla­di­a­tor.

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Ash­ley James looks in­cred­i­ble, right? The 28-year-old is now su­per­fit after be­ing whipped into shape by James Cross­ley, AKA Hunter from Gla­di­a­tors. Ash­ley’s gone from eat­ing 800 cals a day – which made her feel ‘lethar­gic’ and ‘tired’ – to 1,500 cals a day, with full-body work­outs that com­bine Ta­bata, HIIT and gla­di­a­tor-style work­outs, obvs. Er, it cer­tainly works! We’ve got James’s rules and even tried it out our­selves. #Knack­ered.


‘Stick to ba­sic move­ments and use a full range of mo­tion. Don’t rush – the low­er­ing part is im­por­tant so it needs to be slow. Use an ad­e­quate load. I see women us­ing a weight for 10 reps that they could do 30 reps with.’

Hiit it in 20

HIIT in­ter­vals com­bined with weights is the most ef­fi­cient way to change your body shape. Try a 20 min Ta­bata work­out – 20 secs of work fol­lowed by 10 secs rest – re­peated eight times, with 60 secs rest in be­tween.

Ash­ley gets a lift from for­mer Gla­di­a­tor James

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