Lila loves how Gigi dresses but I couldn’t wear a crop top!

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Do you keep all of the amaz­ing pieces you’ve ever worn? Most of it I do. I lost a lot on my trav­els. But now I’ve learnt! I used to give away pieces to friends who said they liked it, but now I keep the good bits for my daugh­ter. How do you get ‘Kate Moss’ hair? With the help of a hair­dresser! No, I don’t do big blow-drys. I just blast it up­side down and go. And leave it a bit damp so it’s not too dry. And obvs we all want to know your ul­ti­mate go-to out­fit? This is so bor­ing, but just an old black T-shirt and some jeans. For fes­ti­vals, prob­a­bly a pair of cut-off jeans, fish­nets and boots… Oh, and a leather jacket!

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