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in there were dou­ble the num­ber of night­clubs than there are now. now it’s all about mates cook­ing for us or din­ner in places where you can hear your­self talk. it’s mostly down to hav­ing no cash – be­tween

and av­er­age salaries for - to -yearolds fell by per cent. Still haven’t flown the nest? You’re not alone. Fifty per cent of mil­len­ni­als now live at home and

, more live with their par­ents than in But hey, there are plus sides – who doesn’t love hav­ing some­one around to cook them din­ner, make their bed and wash their socks? ‘Mum­mmm!’ . check­ing the spell­ing of your cap­tions? con­tem­plat­ing what that selfie re­ally says about you? You’re ei­ther re­ally vain or you’re a young fo­gey. ac­cord­ing to re­cent stud­ies, our gen­er­a­tion is so aware of the longevity of what we post on­line that we’re ‘overly cau­tious’. When it comes to a big night out, you have to be prised from the sofa to start get­ting ready, or you se­cretly love it when friends can­cel on you, ie JOMO (joy of missing out). Big nights out seem a chore – why go out when you have Net­flix and Kimmy Sch­midt?

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