Fleur De Force: ‘Vlog­ging Does Get Lonely Some­times’

The Youtu­ber has con­quered the web with her beauty ad­vice, the in­dus­try with her make-up col­lec­tion and is tak­ing on the book world again – time to find out just how Fleur De Force does it all…


It’s an odd ex­pe­ri­ence meet­ing the per­son you’ve viewed on screen from the com­fort of your bed­room sev­eral times a week. It feels like we know Fleur Bell (via her vlog­ging moniker Fleur De Force ) in­ti­mately, but only re­ally know her via her hun­dreds of Youtube videos about beauty, style and life with hus­band of two and a half years, Mike. Sit­ting in her London flat is like be­ing in a par­al­lel blog­ging uni­verse. ‘This is my ‘stu­dio’ flat re­ally’, the 26-year-old ex­plains. ‘I de­signed it so ev­ery­where I turned it was the per­fect set’.

And we can con­firm it’s beau­ti­ful. As Mike gets us a cof­fee, Fleur ex­cit­edly shows off her fab cof­fee ta­ble and we start talk­ing about her new book, The Luxe Life, the fol­low-up to 2015’s The Glam Guide. But while we’re excited to find out about life as an on­line per­son­al­ity, Fleur’s the first to ad­mit that it can be tougher than you’d think… Hi Fleur, how excited are you about your se­cond book? Re­ally excited. I can’t be­lieve it’s come around so quickly. It’s been 18 months in the works and this one feels grownup and more pre­mium. There’s been a lot of back­lash against blog­gers who don’t write their own books, like Zoella. Who wrote yours? I wrote ev­ery sin­gle word. It’s harder to write a book be­cause it’s not what I nor­mally do. I’m not throw­ing any shade at any­one, but I’m very con­trol­ling over ev­ery­thing I do, so I like to be com­pletely in­volved. You’ve been blog­ging for seven years. Do you re­mem­ber the first time you stepped in front of the camera? The first time was ter­ri­fy­ing and some of the videos are aw­ful. I’ve gone back and deleted some. Now I find talk­ing on camera se­cond na­ture. Do you feel like you need to look per­fect on camera? No, I’ve def­i­nitely had some pretty dodgy looks go­ing on through­out the years! [Laughs] I was 21 when I started and I’ve learned a lot about my­self and make-up thanks to Youtube. It’s one of those things that I’m very open about. I love make-up and it’s what I do but it’s not re­al­is­tic to be like: ‘I woke up like this,’ be­cause no one does. You started in your twen­ties. Do you think it helped that you were older than the teens who are do­ing it now? I’m glad. Not that I get a lot of hate but the in­ter­net in gen­eral can be quite a harsh place and if I had been 15 or 16 I would have been af­fected by it a lot more. Now [when I see nasty com­ments] I’m like: ‘What­ever, delete’. Is trolling some­thing that’s just be­come part of the­job? You have times when it makes you cry and it ru­ins half your day but it’s rare for me. A lot of peo­ple get a lot more hate than me. But if you’re putting your­self out there as an in­ter­net per­son­al­ity, it’s a very dif­fer­ent thing to get­ting cy­ber bul­lied. Hav­ing been bul­lied when I was younger, I think be­ing bul­lied by some­one you know is to­tally dif­fer­ent and so much worse. Is there any ri­valry or are you all BFFS in the blog­ging world? In the be­gin­ning it was a bit more fun, none of us were re­ally tak­ing it se­ri­ously and we were all good mates. As it’s grown into our jobs we’ve all got a lot busier, so it’s not as fun. We’re not as close as we used to be. Have you seen it go to some blog­gers’ heads? It’s not usu­ally to do with the speed of your growth or what you’re do­ing, it’s a per­son­al­ity trait and if you’re af­fected by that kind of thing then it will hap­pen. With a few peo­ple, sure, it’s in­evitable.

It’s some­thing that all non-blog­gers won­der – how long do you spend on the per­fect in­sta-pic?

Some of my friends spend a long time do­ing it – I get bored. I usu­ally do a bit of chang­ing the colour and crop­ping, add some fil­ters and change the lev­els. The right type of Pho­to­shop is fine.

Do you feel like you’re un­der a lot of pres­sure to be a role model?

No. Most of my au­di­ence are over 18 so I hope they’re old enough to form their own opin­ions. I do feel the re­spon­si­bil­ity to be a good per­son on the in­ter­net. Peo­ple don’t need to see me get­ting drunk. I think there’s a line [I draw about] what I’ll blog. It’s nice to keep some­thing for your­self.

But you’re very open about your re­la­tion­ship – isn’t that hard? I don’t vlog all day, ev­ery day. I think a lot of peo­ple think they know ev­ery­thing about us but real­is­ti­cally it’s 10 min­utes of a 24-hour pe­riod. Peo­ple tell me: ‘You never see Mike,’ but I’m just not film­ing our chats. We did try date night with no phones but it doesn’t work. You ded­i­cated your book to your mum.

What’s the best piece of ad­vice she’s given you?

It’s more the way she brought us up and the home she brought us up in.

She was al­ways host­ing and en­ter­tain­ing. I love all of that and it’s why there’s so much of it in the book. You have well over a mil­lion sub­scribers.

What’s the weirdest place you’ve been recog­nised?

An air­port in Zam­bia. I did a lit­tle shoot with Comic Re­lief and we were catch­ing a con­nect­ing flight. Some­one ran up to me in the se­cu­rity queue and was like: ‘I love you!’

Do you ever get used to it?

What I do isn’t fame, it’s recog­ni­tion for what I do. Peo­ple are so friendly and excited to see you and I’m excited to meet them be­cause Youtube is such a soli­tary thing. It does get lonely some­times. It’s nice to meet girls my age be­cause we could be friends.

What’s been your best celeb ex­pe­ri­ence?

The BAFTAS was pretty cool. Those events can be a lot more stress­ful for me than peo­ple think. I am usu­ally do­ing a Make-up With or Get Ready With video which takes four hours to film so I’ve usu­ally been run­ning around to get things shot. A lot of things like that, I do on my own. You seem re­lent­lessly pos­i­tive.

Do you have low days?

Yes, it’s the same as any job! But it’s less about the work and more about where I am.

What’s the biggest mis­con­cep­tion peo­ple have about you?

I guess that it’s easy. But if any­one com­plains about it, I’m like: ‘No, be­cause we could be do­ing real life stuff right now.’ We’re very spoiled, we’re very lucky. Per­son­ally, it’s hard to think of a mis­con­cep­tion be­cause I share so much. Peo­ple think we out­source our work but we don’t. I’ve fiercely held onto mine but you can’t man­age it all and I’m about to get some help be­cause I can’t phys­i­cally clone my­self to do more.

The Luxe Life by Fleur De Force (£18.99, Head­line) is out on 29 July

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