Are You With The Band?

Slip dresses, chok­ers, a Spice Girls come­back (of sorts)… The 90s are in­fil­trat­ing our ev­ery­day lives. The lat­est throw­back trend? A re­turn of the band tee


We’re not sure if Gigi Ha­did’s a Me­tal­lica fan. And, when she looks this good in her vin­tage vest, we’re not that both­ered. Also, we’re def­i­nitely not too proud to ad­mit that we rocked our Nir­vana tees way be­fore we were old enough to even know who Kurt Cobain was. Thing is, it’s time to dig out that bad boy be­cause rock‘n’roll T-shirts are back, in a big way. Se­lena Gomez paired her Guns N’ Roses top with skin­nies and boots, while Gigi’s afore­men­tioned vest was tucked into high waisted, wide-legged trousers for cool-girl pol­ish.

That’s the thing about these tops: you can wear them with denim for a clas­sic off-duty out­fit, or you can match them with a pen­cil skirt and fin­ish with stacked heels for an un­ex­pected twist. Ei­ther way the high street’s loaded with them – good news, re­ally; we’re pretty sure that Nir­vana tee’s in no fit state to be worn again.

Gigi Ha­did

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Pri­mark £8

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