Big Pants Are Back!

At long last, it’s fi­nally cool to em­brace big cot­ton pants. Look’s Fash­ion Ed­i­tor Chloe Jack­son isn’t afraid to shout about her love of boy shorts and granny knick­ers…

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Hi, my name’s Chloe, and I’m a cot­ton knicker con­vert. Back in the 90s, I was all about three-for-£10 skimpy G-strings (much like the rest of the fe­male pop­u­la­tion), with pink leop­ard be­ing my thong of choice. And oh, how my der­rière was hun­gry for these teeny beau­ties. I don’t want to put you off your lunch, but that vis­cose wedged right be­tween my cheeks was an ab­so­lute treat, all day and all night long. Yep, those bad boys weren’t budg­ing for any­one.

Af­ter Satur­day night’s skimp­i­est disco knick­ers came the joy and re­lief of Sun­day’s big pants, AKA the ul­ti­mate in lingerie com­fort. And, slowly but surely, those big pants have come right back into fash­ion – and I couldn’t be hap­pier.

Thanks to brands like Calvin Klein, cot­ton briefs are now widely re­garded as comfy and cool (and, in my opin­ion, just as sexy as any thong). Search #my­calvins on In­sta and you’ll see why: cue end­less shots of be­hinds (what the kids call #belfies) in what we’d have for­mally classed as I’m-not-go­ing-any­where-andno-one-is-see­ing-me-in-my-un­der­wear-to­day pants. Say­onara, thongs – knick­ers have got the green light (and a very nice In­sta­gram fil­ter by the looks of things).

And it’s not just me who says so. Brid­get Jones pants are of­fi­cially – and lit­er­ally – on the up. As they creep above waist­bands, sales boom. ASOS says ‘sl­ogo’ un­der­wear’s seen a h-u-g-e in­crease in pop­u­lar­ity over the last 18 months, and Top­shop’s joined the cru­sade with its own drop of name­sake briefs. And let’s not for­get good old M&S, who put full-size pants on the fash­ion map.

TBH, any­thing that means no more pulling at your G-string when you think no one’s look­ing (some­one al­ways is) is al­right in my book. But what about VPL, I hear you cry? It’s A-OK ac­cord­ing to Ken­dall and co – and who are we to ar­gue?

THAT vis­cose wedged be­tween my cheeks was An Ab­so­lute TREAT

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