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What They Are And How To Count Them For­get count­ing calo­ries to get the body you want – the fittest women around are count­ing macros…

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What Are Macros?

macros are nu­tri­ents that pro­vide en­ergy: carbs that fuel the body, pro­teins that build and re­pair mus­cle, and fats that keep you sat­is­fied.

each macro con­tains a num­ber of calo­ries and, by bal­anc­ing your carbs, pro­tein and fats (macros), you’ll lose weight and tone up.

re­mem­ber, though, not all calo­ries are equal – your body will use 10 calo­ries of fat com­pletely dif­fer­ently to 10 calo­ries of car­bo­hy­drates. so, how do you do it?

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