Worst My Job Ever (& What I Learned From It!)

From burger f lip­per to shelf stacker, some­times even the world’s worst jobs can help you get your best ca­reer ever. Fact.

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‘In one of my first roles I was re­spon­si­ble for con­sol­i­dat­ing mul­ti­ple brand profit and loss state­ments for quar­terly fi­nan­cial sub­mis­sions. It was a te­dious role and I re­ally wanted to be work­ing on more strate­gic projects. My su­per­vi­sor at the time gave me great ad­vice – first nail the day job. I learned to fo­cus on do­ing the job well and gained cred­i­bil­ity. Ul­ti­mately this led to more op­por­tu­ni­ties to do what I wanted to do – and to some pretty strong MS Ex­cel skills!’ Meghan Davis, beauty group mar­ket­ing man­ager, John­son & John­son North­ern Europe

‘My first job was work­ing on a burger van. I worked a lot of hours and cus­tomers could be dif­fi­cult. It taught me to think on my feet and that you’ll get results faster by just be­ing nice, which is some­thing I’ve ap­plied to my fast-paced PR role.’ Bethan Lewis, se­nior com­mu­ni­ca­tions man­ager at Brighter Comms ‘My worst job was cold call­ing peo­ple for 12 hours a day in a call cen­tre, con­vinc­ing them to buy a prod­uct I didn’t like. It taught me that in order to sell some­thing you re­ally have to be­lieve in it. It also taught me that I never wanted to spend the rest of my life on the phone to strangers and any ca­reer path I chose would have to be one where you meet and en­gage with peo­ple face to face, which is ex­actly why I founded my bou­tique’ Anna Grotkamp, founder of B Lon­don Bou­tique

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