Bethany Ea­ton, 38, de­cided to quit her job and start her own busi­ness

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Iloved be­ing a po­lice­woman. Work­ing to­gether as part of a tight team, you all look out for each other and it made you close. I en­joyed the thrill of not know­ing what each shift would bring. That said, the long hours were hard work.

In 2006 every­thing changed. I be­came preg­nant with my first child and I re­alised that go­ing back to that regime was too much. I was shat­tered and it made me sit back and think about what I wanted from life.

When my daugh­ter was born, I felt like I needed to do some­thing for my­self. I’d joined the po­lice to help peo­ple but un­for­tu­nately it be­came a thank­less job and I wanted to do some­thing big­ger. So I talked it over with my part­ner Paul, also a po­lice­man, and I handed in my no­tice with­out a plan, ex­cited to see where life would take me next.

I had health is­sues, stress and hor­monal prob­lems due to work­ing crazy hours and eat­ing the wrong food. So while re­cov­er­ing from my C-sec­tion, some­one sug­gested see­ing a nu­tri­tion­ist. It made such a dif­fer­ence that I de­cided to study for a nu­tri­tional de­gree my­self.

Un­able to eat dairy any more, I tried and failed to find a co­conut milk yo­gurt. No one had ever in­tro­duced one in the UK or Europe so I iden­ti­fied a gap in the mar­ket. I just said to my hus­band Paul: ‘Why don’t we do it?’ The COYO brand all started there. We got a third party to make it, then bought pots and la­belled them. We sold COYO through a dis­trib­u­tor in Lon­don first. I think the best part was see­ing our prod­uct on the shelves of my favourite stores – be­ing in Waitrose was my dream!

There’ve been lows too; the worst was when we set up our own factory two years in, be­cause it was so stress­ful. I re­mem­ber be­ing late to col­lect my son from the child­min­der, then get­ting pulled over by the po­lice and slapped with a speed­ing ticket. I just burst into tears be­cause it was all too much!

De­spite that, I have no re­grets. It’s never too late to change ca­reers and if you aren’t happy, then think about what you would like to do and make it hap­pen.

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