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WHAT’S NOT white Sneaks

Now come in ‘blush’ (be­low). IRL? It’s just an ex­cuse for an­other pair.

the new mega

As in: ‘I’ll look like a Giga-numpty if I start say­ing Giga.’

aperol Spritz

Usurped by Ne­groni , ap­par­ently. WHAT’S hot

plants + pink

Can’t stop, won’t stop. Fall down the in­spo hole with us @plantson­pink

this Jacket

Shear­ling + 70s + Stranger Things (also sev­enty five of your GB pounds),p56.

no walkover

This door­mat (£40, Etsy) will save you ap­prox 3 mins of panic per day. Per­haps.

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