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1 Ori­gins, Su­per Spot Re­mover, £15

At first I was hes­i­tant to get this as it’s not cheap and so tiny, but this lit­tle pot is se­ri­ously pow­er­ful. You can feel it work­ing, which is se­ri­ously sat­is­fy­ing, and the next day the spot had al­most van­ished. @Josieldn

2 Mario Bade­scu, Dry­ing Lo­tion, £15.50

I’ve used this since I was 12– yes, 12! The mag­a­zines I read raved about it so I just had to try it. Dip a cot­ton bud into the pink dry­ing lo­tion and pop it onto your spots. It gets to work overnight and is se­ri­ously amaz­ing. It’s my ul­ti­mate go-to prod­uct for break­outs. @daisie­smith

3Blem­ishSkyn Ice­land, Dots, £17.50

I freak out when I get a spot, but I love these lit­tle dots. They’re filled with blem­ish­beat­ing sal­i­cylic acid and an­tibac­te­rial tea tree and apart from the plas­ter-like com­fort feel­ing, they bring that blighter down. @Ly­dia Athomp­son

4 An­tipodes, Aura Manuka Honey Mask, £22.99

Put a blob on your blem­ish be­fore bed and in the morn­ing, the red­ness is to­tally gone. I find it doesn’t dry out the skin around the spot like tooth­paste can and I also use it as a mask on my T-zone once a week to keep skin clear. @gdid­what

5 The Body Shop, Tea Tree Oil, £8

I al­ways use tea tree oil on my blem­ishes and I love this range as it has every­thing you need to sort your spots, from cleansers to ton­ers. I like to use the lit­tle oint­ment di­rectly on zits as I find it’s the most ef­fec­tive way to re­duce them. @Heather_­page1983






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