Zanna Van Dijk

Lift weights, get Lean With a fig­ure to die for, Zanna, 23, is our #Wo­man­crush­wednes­day. Every day! She com­bines HIIT work­outs with weightlift­ing ses­sions at the gym

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Get Lift­ing!

‘How­can you ex­pect to get a toned body if you don’t have mus­cle tone? Peo­ple as­sume you can lose weight and look toned, but you need to have mus­cle un­der­neath. Weights don’t make you bulky. It’s not true. If it was that easy, do you think you’d see men in the gym for years try­ing to grow mus­cle?’ We hear ya, sis­ter!

Zanna’s Mantra:

‘Mod­er­a­tion not de­pri­va­tion’

Zanna’s Moves Leg Day

‘Walk­ing lunges with 10kg in each hand, Bul­gar­ian split squats with 10kg in each hand and bar­bell hip thrusts. I use 80-90kg on these; you can go high with the glutes.’

Up­per Body

‘I love a bar­bell shoul­der press with 25kg! I also do be­tween two and six pull-ups and three sets of 10 push-ups.’

Por­tion Sizes

‘When you’re full, stop. You don’t have to eat ev­ery­thing on the plate. Lis­ten to your body and re­ally chew each mouth­ful so you know when you’ve had enough.’

Zanna’s Pre­work­out Snack

‘Rice cakes spread with Nutella and topped with straw­ber­ries and a sprin­kling of nuts.’

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