Brad’s Abs Rules

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1 ‘Stay away from sugar. Sugar’s in ev­ery­thing, so it’s quite hard! Even gra­nola and orange juice, which you as­sume is healthy, can be filled with sugar. Orange juice has the same amount of sugar as Coke. I stick to wa­ter and fresh lemon.’ 2 ‘Have a high-pro­tein diet with lots of chicken and fish. I tend to avoid red meat.’ 3 ‘Don’t eat carbs at night. I guess around 7 pm is when I say: “No more carbs..” I don’t need that en­ergy when I’m sleep­ing.’ 4 ‘Snack on Sam­bazon Açai with oats, berries and co­conut flakes. As a treat, I have Lindt Dark Cho­co­late, but just a nib­ble. I break it into bits and bring a lit­tle to the sofa, not the whole packet.’

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