You met Kim Kar­dashian re­cently and she said that you were her idol. What was that like?

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So sweet. We’ve met twice now, but this was at Kanye [West]’s con­cert and my son is a mas­sive fan. He loves him and they were both so good to him. I loved how present she was in the room and how fo­cused she was on us and noth­ing else. Kanye re­ally gave time to my son, too, and he didn’t have to. He wasn’t talk­ing to me – he was talk­ing to my son for 10 min­utes and Kim took my phone and doc­u­mented the whole thing. I found Kim to be in­cred­i­bly gra­cious in a way that peo­ple wouldn’t ex­pect. There was a grace to her. I think there’s a lot that’s pro­jected onto her that we al­low and that she al­lows and she’d tell you she’s in com­plete con­trol of all that.

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