‘You Have To Trust Your In­stincts’

From nail­ing the per­fect work-life bal­ance to side-step­ping your way up the ca­reer lad­der, busi­ness­woman Kar­ren Brady’s ad­vice for get­ting to the top is well worth lis­ten­ing to…

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Kar­ren Brady can re­duce even the most suave, con­fi­dent per­son to noth­ing with one swift eye roll. And we love her for it. Kar­ren, 47, now Baroness Brady CBE, is not only a fierce busi­ness­woman who’s worked her way up from ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi to be­come the ‘first lady of foot­ball’ – she’s cur­rently vice-chair­man of West Ham United FC – she’s also re­port­edly worth a cool £85m and is about to guide a new crop of hope­ful can­di­dates through the gru­elling tasks on The Ap­pren­tice. We asked her to give us her best ad­vice for get­ting ahead in the busi­ness world…

Be A Peo­ple Per­son

‘Peo­ple do busi­ness with peo­ple, so work with some­one you like, un­der­stand and trust. It’s about be­ing an all-rounder: hav­ing the abil­ity to run a busi­ness and get on. Know­ing what you’re ca­pa­ble of is im­por­tant – it’s OK to say: “I am re­ally good, I am mak­ing sense and you’re go­ing to have to lis­ten to me.”’

Act Like The Boss

‘When you lead, peo­ple look to you to make de­ci­sions and they have to re­spect you. I think it gives a very con­fused mes­sage if one day you’re

best friends and the next you’re dis­ci­plin­ing some­one.’

Choose Wisely

‘A ca­reer lasts a life­time. It’s re­ally im­por­tant to pick some­thing you love be­cause do­ing some­thing you don’t like day in, day out – that’s a waste of your life. When you love what you do and it doesn’t feel like hard work, it’s not hard to keep do­ing it. your am­bi­tions don’t have to end just be­cause you’ve achieved some­thing – you can al­ways keep achiev­ing and your am­bi­tions can be al­ways evolv­ing.’

Take The Right Ad­vice

‘The thing about get­ting ahead is know­ing what ad­vice to ac­cept and what to dis­card. It’s re­ally im­por­tant that ad­vice is free of opinion or bias. It has to be the sort of ad­vice your mother would give you – she never wants any­thing from you, she only wants the best for you and there­fore it’s com­pletely hon­est. Part and par­cel of learn­ing busi­ness is work­ing out what or who is sin­cere and trust­ing your own in­stinct.’

Take A Side Step

‘When I left school, you got on the bot­tom rung of the lad­der and you worked your way up, whereas now peo­ple tend to work in a much more web-like way. There’s far more fo­cus on young peo­ple and work-life bal­ance, whereas that phrase didn’t ex­ist when I was in school.’

The Ap­pren­tice starts on BBC One at 9pm on Thurs­day 6 Oc­to­ber

We love Kar­ren for her sharp suits and sharper tongue

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