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We oozed with pride when the Team GB wom­enõs hockey squad took gold at this yearõs Rio Olympics, but we were also ob­sessed with their buff bods. As for­ward So­phie Bray, 26, tells Look: 'hockey de­mands speed, power, strength, en­durance and ro­bust­ness.' Itõs not for the faint-hearted, and nei­ther are the ladies' gru­elling train­ing ses­sions. We ask So­phie how they do it...

We Train

‘In the week, we have six two-hour pitch ses­sions, three gym ses­sions and then some­times we do ex­tra run­ning ses­sions. At the gym, our main fo­cus is on in­jury pre­ven­tion. The best phys­ios work out what our strengths and weak­nesses are in terms of mus­cle strength and move­ment pat­terns.’

We Stretch

‘Core strength is im­por­tant, so try moves such as the plank. Lunges are the ba­sis of hockey move­ments, so you want to prac­tise your for­ward lunge, side lunge, back­ward lunge – you need a solid lunge!’

We Eat

‘We love our eggs. Dur­ing the Olympics we had scram­bled eggs on toast ev­ery day, with Mar­mite, which we brought with us. We have a nu­tri­tion­ist who makes sure we get the right quan­ti­ties of ev­ery­thing.’ Carbs are im­por­tant in be­tween ses­sions and we al­ways have pro­tein to­wards the end of the day, so our mus­cles re­cover as we sleep.’

We Fo­cus

‘What comes first for us is be­ing able to de­liver on the hockey pitch. We’re healthy, strong women that keep fit in or­der to be the best team in the world. It’s not about hav­ing abs or thigh gaps, but as long as peo­ple are ex­er­cis­ing and en­joy­ing it, that’s the most im­por­tant thing. Our mantra is: be the dif­fer­ence, cre­ate his­tory, in­spire the fu­ture.’

We Re­cover

‘Re­cov­ery is as im­por­tant as train­ing. After heavy ses­sions we have a pro­tein bar or shake, and after games we take an ice bath. Sun­day is my rest day. I go for a swim after break­fast, but spend the rest of the day chill­ing out with fam­ily and friends.’

1 Snack Mind

‘Peanut but­ter on pitta bread. I’ll throw some ba­nana in some­times, too.’ 120 Cals

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