10 min­utes to... Re-en­er­gise

Make your­self feel amaz­ing by us­ing those pre­cious com­mut­ing min­utes to boost your en­ergy lev­els

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1 Stand, Don’t Sit Stud­ies have shown that if we all stood for three hours a day ev­ery week, we’d burn around 750 calo­ries, or about 30,000 ev­ery year. Sud­denly that free seat isn’t look­ing so ap­peal­ing…

2 Work Your Abs If you do end up sit­ting, max­imise your en­ergy lev­els with a mini work­out. si tina neu­tral po­si­tion with your feet hip-width apart, con­tract your ab­dom­i­nal mus­cles and move your rib cage down to­wards your hips. Hold for 8-10 sec­onds and re­peat.

3 Just Breathe Tak­ing some time to breathe deeply can dra­mat­i­cally re­duce stress lev­els. put on you rf ave song, close your eyes, in­hale deeply and as you ex­hale, ban­ish all thoughts of worry from your mind. Easy.

4 Say Hello To H2O Our bod­ies have to work a lot harder to raise our core tem­per­a­ture when we con­sume some­thing cold, so carry a bot­tle of chilled wa­ter with you on your jour­ney. Ap­par­ently, drink­ing cold wa­ter in the morn­ing can boost your me­tab­o­lism by up to 24 per cent.

5 Stretch It Out You might look slightly odd, but if you just do a few leg stretches on the train (with­out in­vad­ing any­one’s per­sonal space) you’ll im­prove your flex­i­bil­ity, de­crease risk of in­jury and boost the range of mo­tion in your joints. Sounds worth it.

6 Sit Up Straight By sit­ting up straight, you engage your back mus­cles and core, not only ton­ing your torso but also help­ing with bone, lig­a­ment and mus­cle struc­ture too. Bonus!

A cold drink first thing can help boost me­tab­o­lism for the day

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