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To­gether, sis­ters Sam and Nic Chap­man are Pixi­woo, the big­gest beauty vlog­ging duo on the planet, now with an em­pire be­neath them. So how on earth do they keep their feet on the ground? Lookõs Giselle Wainwright went to find out

Eight years ago, Sam and Nic Chap­man started ten­ta­tively shar­ing their make-up artist tu­to­ri­als. Fast-for­ward to now and the sis­ters have over 2 mil­lion Youtube sub­scribers, a mas­sive beauty brand (Real Tech­niques – cur­rently the best­selling make-up brushes in the UK, FYI) and a life that sees them travel the world to meet their fans.

When I meet them in a hip Lon­don ho­tel, the pair are über-glam and ec­static to share the de­tails of their new book Face. ‘It’s ev­ery­thing you need to know, for ev­ery sin­gle per­son,’ says younger sis­ter Nic, 36.

Strik­ingly, these ladies are the most down-to-earth vlog­gers we’ve met, and they clearly still have a se­ri­ous pas­sion for beauty – ev­i­denced when Sam, 39, gets her make-up bag out mid-in­ter­view so we can have a good rum­mage. And don’t get us started on that beauty closet – we’re dy­ing to get in there…

Hi ladies! How of­ten do you get asked for make-up tips? Sam: The other day in Boots there was a lady shop­ping for lashes. I was like: ‘Right, OK, you re­ally want the ones with the thin seam,’ and I talked her through it. I can’t help it. You al­ways want to help peo­ple and you don’t want peo­ple to waste their money. You’re part of the orig­i­nal vlog­ging crowd. Has it been hard ad­just­ing to the fame side of things? Nic: I don’t re­ally think we’re fa­mous. S: Peo­ple say: ‘You must get recog­nised in the street.’ Not as much as you would think. We’re a bit older, so no one stops and ha­rasses us, whereas Jim [Chap­man, their brother, also a vlog­ger] and Tanya [Burr, his wife] do get no­ticed. N: Peo­ple al­ways catch us with no make-up on. S: The weird­est place I was recog­nised was when I was half­naked, get­ting a bra mea­sure­ment done. I lit­er­ally had my boobs out. Awk­ward! Lots of Youtu­bers have talked about how hard it is to stay mo­ti­vated. Do you have days like that? S: There’ve been loads. Right now we’re in a re­ally good spot, but there are times I just don’t feel it any more. N: It feels like you can dip into this in­dus­try, have a ca­reer and some­how drop out when you’re tired. Quite a few peo­ple this year have been like: ‘That’s it, I’m quit­ting Youtube.’ S: I still love make-up, but when you put your­self into a sit­u­a­tion where you’re be­ing scru­ti­nised, ob­vi­ously that makes life a lit­tle bit more dif­fi­cult. You do it for long enough and you just don’t care any more. It ei­ther makes or breaks you. We’ve been por­ing over your new book Face. It’s in­cred­i­ble! What was the process like?

S: Face has ev­ery­thing in there that you need to know about beauty, to get the best from your prod­ucts, to achieve the best fin­ish for what you’re do­ing, but also tips for your mum – there’s some­thing for every­body. Each sec­tion has a lit­tle pic­ture of a phone – you scan it and it’ll show you a video that goes along­side it. So it’s just that lit­tle bit more in­ter­ac­tive. N: The op­ti­mum length for a beauty tu­to­rial is six min­utes and you can’t fit all that in­for­ma­tion in. If you think about the fact that it takes us over an hour to film one, there’s an aw­ful lot edited out, so you end up miss­ing out a lot of key in­for­ma­tion. That’s why we wrote the book. Lots of vlog­gers have had help with their books. Did you write ev­ery­thing in yours? N: Ab­so­lutely – com­pletely 100 per cent. S: It’s all ours. Even the de­sign is done by my ex-part­ner of 10 years. One of my best friends shot the pho­tos. We’re com­pletely and ab­so­lutely in con­trol of ev­ery­thing be­cause we just have a vi­sion. And be­cause, with Youtube, we’re com­pletely in con­trol of it, we edit ev­ery­thing. Does one of you have more con­trol or do you ever fight? You are sis­ters, after all… S: There was no busi­ness in our mind when we started vlog­ging – it was just some­thing that we got on do­ing. We didn’t al­ways get on and it brought us closer – we ac­tu­ally quite en­joyed do­ing this to­gether. We never fight over any­thing now. It was def­i­nitely a dif­fer­ent com­mu­nity on­line back then. I think peo­ple are now used to be­ing sold to. Do you have a huge closet of make-up? S: We have a room that’s floor to ceil­ing boxes full of make-up. N: We have some­one to or­gan­ise it. S: At home I have built-in shelves: the bot­tom one’s skin­care, then the next four shelves are for make-up, and then hair prod­ucts. What make-up mis­takes did you make grow­ing up? N: Sam used to call me Casper The Friendly Ghost be­cause I was so pale! S: She just put a lot of pow­der on… N: And then be­cause of that I went orange with foun­da­tion. You’re both qual­i­fied make-up artists. How do you feel about younger, un­qual­i­fied Youtu­bers em­u­lat­ing what you do? S: I don’t think they’re make-up artists – they’re so­cial me­dia stars and in­flu­encers. They’re two

Start­ing Pixi­woo brought us closer. We never fight over things now

dif­fer­ent jobs. I don’t like it when some­one’s do­ing it wrong, but it’s just the way it is. N: Peo­ple are very good at edit­ing things out and I think that’s a bit mis­lead­ing, but as long as you’re hon­est I do think there’s space for ev­ery­one. Say­ing that, I’ve seen a lot of those In­sta­gram peo­ple up close and it’s shock­ing. There’s so much make-up on that face! I can still go out after I’ve done a video. Can you ever switch off? To­gether: [Laugh] No! What’s next for Youtu­bers? N: I think that Youtube is sim­i­lar to TV. What will hap­pen is that the tal­ent will shift and change and just evolve in the way TV has. S: You have to tran­scend that au­di­ence, change your con­tent. I don’t know how you do that. We haven’t had to do it, for­tu­nately.

Face: Make-up, Skin­care, Beauty by Sam and Nic Chap­man is out 20 Oc­to­ber, £20, face­byp­ixi­woo.com

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