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We’re not talk­ing ‘I <3 Harry Styles!’ tees nor ‘I Went To Cali In ’92, Babez’ tees (though we do, and we did). Nope, we’re talk­ing tees that em­power us. And we’re not the only ones. Search #Diorss17 and you’ll be met with streams of #re­grams, s and #re­posts, all of them cham­pi­oning one tee: The Fem­i­nist Tee – AKA ‘The Fem­i­nini-tee’…? OK, fine, that sounds like a san­i­tary towel. Yet it is The Tee that stole the Dior show at Paris Fash­ion Week and kicked their tra­di­tional frothy fairy­tale gowns to the kerb. It is The Tee that reads: ‘We should all be fem­i­nists’ (the title of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Bey­oncé-sam­pled TEDX Talk) and which sin­gle-hand­edly cat­a­pulted de­signer Maria Grazia Chi­uri’s vi­sion of Dior smack bang into 2016. Her state­ment? ‘I am the first woman to head the house of Chris­tian Dior, and I am boss.’ It’s The Tee that got peo­ple talk­ing. It’s also The Tee that’s given us all am­ple rea­son to wear our own state­ments loud and proud, be you a fem­i­nist, hu­man­ist or Scien­tol­o­gist. In a world that too of­ten mar­kets noth­ing but fluffy princess garb to young girls, this can only be a good thing. Yes, it is Dior, so it’ll come with a ‘state­ment’ price tag too; yes, ac­tual voices are ar­guably more ef­fec­tive – but if this is the fast, im­pact­ful tee that em­pow­ers more peo­ple to speak up, have a voice or just wear their heart on their tee, then Dior, this is a job very well done in­deed.


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