sofia ‘I Only Do What I Want To Do’

She might be the daugh­ter of a mu­sic leg­end and she’s been linked with Justin Bieber, but for­get that – at 18, Sofia’s about to con­quer the fash­ion world…


Sofia Richie’s LA tan glows and she seems re­mark­ably fresh de­spite par­ty­ing un­til 5am the night be­fore our chat. As the daugh­ter of Lionel Richie, Sofia’s used to the mad­ness of the show­biz world, but seems to­tally un­af­fected by it all. Her crew in­cludes the likes of Justin Bieber – the pair were spot­ted hold­ing hands re­cently and he’s in Lon­don at the same time we meet with Sofia – co­in­ci­dence? – but she tells us: ‘Like, 95 per cent of my friends live in Lon­don’.

But enough about that be­cause we’re here to talk about her im­pec­ca­ble style, the rea­son why Pretty Lit­tle Thing has made her the face of its Christ­mas col­lec­tion...

What does it mean to you to work with Pretty Lit­tle Thing? It’s great to front a cam­paign for clothes I’d ac­tu­ally wear. Who’s your style in­spo? Stylists like Mon­ica Rose, who I work with. I’m al­ways in­ter­ested in what Ri­hanna has to of­fer too. What’s your mod­el­ling high­light? Hang­ing out with Domenica [Dolce] and Ste­fano [Gab­bana, Cre­ative Di­rec­tors of D&G], who are sweet­hearts. They’re just down to talk about fash­ion, which is re­ally hard to find. I’d have to say the same about Kanye West. I walked in his show and he’s just a re­ally sweet guy. He was talk­ing to me about his clothes. How would you de­scribe your style? Edgy, but put-togther. I switch it up all the time. I like street wear, but then I can get re­ally glam and dressy. Would you like your own range? 1,000 per cent. I do sketch some ideas. Have you got a huge wardrobe? Yes, and it’s colour-co­or­di­nated. You must have a high turnover of clothes – who gets them? I do a clearout ev­ery three months of any­thing I’ve worn too many times. It’ll go to a load of places – it starts with friends, my small stuff will go to my niece and then it goes to char­ity. Have you had any­thing handed down that you’d never get rid of? Yes! My mom gave me these vin­tage [Her­mès] Kelly bags. What other ca­reer av­enues do you want to ex­plore? I’m ex­plor­ing mu­sic. I haven’t told any­one that yet! I’ve been into it ever since I was lit­tle and then fash­ion took over my life, but life’s too short to not ful­fil ev­ery pas­sion you have. Be­ing 18, you can’t drink in Amer­ica, but tonight you can go out and have a good time in Lon­don, yes? That’s why I love Eu­rope. When I first re­alised, I was like: ‘I need to live in Eu­rope.’ I was out club­bing last night [glances at her man­ager]. Oops! I don’t have that many friends in LA – I met more friends here when my dad was on tour. We love your In­sta­gram. What are your tricks for the per­fect photo? I love us­ing the Aden fil­ter. I’m ter­ri­ble at self­ies, though. My arm’s a lit­tle too short – it’s too close to my face and it’s not a good look!

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