Pre­pare for the Kick­ers Come­back...

We’re se­ri­ous. It’s hap­pen­ing. Those school shoes you begged your par­ents for? They’re back, and this time there’s no­body to tell you not to wear them. Hooray for adult­hood!

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re­mem­ber shop­ping for school shoes? You’d trail lethar­gi­cally be­hind your par­ent as they dragged you from shop to shop, end­lessly ask­ing whether or not you liked the hideous flat, Vel­cro shoes they were hold­ing up for the fifth time. ir­rel­e­vant re­ally, see­ing as your opin­ion didn’t count. You’d look over at the older girls with a sharp pang of envy as they tried on the style you re­ally wanted: those black, chunky plat­forms bear­ing the logo of dreams: kick­ers. they had a heel! they still (some­how) ad­hered to the school uni­form rules! Well, for all of you who had to put your kick­ers back on the shelf and there­fore your dreams of school icon sta­tus on ice, we’ve got news for you. they’re back, baby! Well, sort of any­way. When we clocked these bad boys in Zara’s newin sec­tion, not to men­tion the lat­est glossy styles from kick­ers it­self, it was all we could do not to buy them and flaunt them in our mum’s face. know why? Be­cause they gen­uinely look awe­some with checked minis, tights and preppy knits and, more im­por­tantly, ain’t no one to stop us wear­ing them this time around. that news has made our day. We’re go­ing to party like it’s 1.

Shoes, £80, Kick­ers Shoes, £85, Kick­ers

Plat­forms, £69.99, Zara

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