+ ‘Why NOW Is The Right Time To Have A Baby’

While the world dis­cusses whether Ch­eryl is start­ing a fam­ily with Liam al­ready, we ask the ex­perts if there’s such a thing as the ‘per­fect age’

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When it comes to fer­til­ity ad­vice, women are con­stantly bom­barded. Ei­ther we’re be­ing warned against un­planned preg­nan­cies or be­ing told if we don’t have a child in the next five min­utes we’re doomed. But is ‘the right time’ re­ally a thing?

‘Women are born with a cer­tain num­ber of eggs. As we get older, the num­ber and the qual­ity of our eggs de­clines,’ says Pro­fes­sor Geeta Nar­gund, a spe­cial­ist for the Lon­don Fer­til­ity Show. ‘It’s the re­duced qual­ity that leads to re­duced fer­til­ity and an in­creased risk of mis­car­riage.’

Abby Nan­son waited un­til she was al­most 37 to have her first child: ‘I met my hus­band later in life. Be­fore then, my ca­reer had taken up quite a lot of my time and en­ergy. But work­ing for so many years meant I had bought a house, a car and all the other things we needed. And we had enough money.’ How­ever, she ad­mits there were down­sides: ‘I found the ad­just­ment dif­fi­cult. My hus­band does loads to help out but I had a dif­fi­cult preg­nancy.’

Mean­while Dani Ferid, 25, who runs the blog Blonde Hair & Brown Eyes, found out she was preg­nant at 20, while study­ing: ‘The preg­nancy was chal­leng­ing,’ she re­veals. ‘I was still so young and all my friends were go­ing on hol­i­days. How­ever, my part­ner and I fully em­brace the fact that we’re young par­ents and all the things will still be there for us in our thir­ties and for­ties.’

Butwhileageisahugepartofit,our­ex­perts in­sist there’s no real ‘right time’. ‘Ul­ti­mately a baby is al­ways a huge chal­lenge and there’s no per­fect time. Women of­ten wait for their ca­reer to be in the right place or to have the right kind of house but this con­cept of readi­ness can be dam­ag­ing be­cause there will al­ways be some­thing to “fix” be­fore you have chil­dren,’ says Beth Follini who runs Tick Tock Coach­ing, pro­vid­ing guid­ance to women who are un­sure about start­ing a fam­ily. ‘Most of my clients are aged be­tween 30and35, whichis­a­good­time­to­be­givin­git­some­se­ri­ous thought – but there’s no need to panic.’

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