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When­ever Look In­flu­encer Lucy, 25, posts a selfie, we vow to ban­ish snack­ing on cheese/cakes/prosecco and work­out more. Ex­cept that isn’t what Lucy does. You CAN look this hot and still en­joy life. Lucy re­veals all for us…

Calo­rie Count­ing is a no-no ‘You know what, I don’t like to get ob­sessed. I don’t re­ally agree with it, al­though I re­alise it helps some peo­ple. I know what’s good for me; I just stay away from pro­cessed foods and eat real food, and I stop eat­ing when I’m feel­ing full.’

Work That Waist ‘I love a plank. I do plank trans­fers, where you hold the po­si­tion, then go up on to your hands one hand at a time, then back onto your el­bows. I also love bi­cy­cle crunches, where you lie on your back and touch your right el­bow to your left knee and vice versa.’

Beat The Bloat ‘I def­i­nitely do get bloated! I’m al­ler­gic to a lot of fake sug­ars; they re­ally don’t agree with me and around the time of the month, I’ve got a lit­tle bit of a belly go­ing on. I avoid pro­cessed carbs gen­er­ally.’

guilty Treats ‘I’ve got two. Savoury would be pasta, like a spaghetti bolog­nese or seafood lin­guine. A sweet favourite is car­rot cake; I can’t turn it down! I eat those foods at least once a month. As for booze, I drink once or twice a week. I have a glass of red wine or prosecco.’

lucy’s Top Foods ‘I do have some go-to foods. I eat eggs nearly ev­ery morn­ing. One of my break­fasts at the mo­ment is ba­nana omelette! I couldn’t live with­out av­o­cado, I love av­o­cado. Oh, and feta cheese. It doesn’t seem to take me very long to get through a block of it!’

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