Your Per­son­al­ity? IT’S All In THE BAG!

Did you know the way you carry your hand­bag re­veals all your in­ner­most se­crets? OK, maybe not all of them, but it does tell oth­ers more about you than you might think…

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Wil­liam Shake­speare once wrote that ‘the eyes are the win­dows of the soul’. Sure, the guy had a way with words but, if you ask us fash­ion types, hand­bags re­veal more about you than a gaze ever could (soz, Will). How­ever, the bag you choose isn’t your only iden­ti­fier – it’s the way you carry your arm candy that re­ally gives the game away. The big ques­tion is, does your tot­ing style match up with your per­son­al­ity? There’s only one way to find out… Arm Crooker the a-list method of choice, you wear your bag like a badge of hon­our – a re­flec­tion of your self-af­firmed sta­tus. you’re con­fi­dent, cool, stylish, and al­ways a step ahead of the pack. be care­ful, though; your ego and your mas­sive tote might not fit through the door if you get any more com­pli­ments.


un­less you’re dy­namo, this can only be done with a cross-body. the woman who wears hers to the front could be shy or ‘com­fort­able in her own com­pany’ (ie keen to avoid un­nec­es­sary in­ter­ac­tion). that, or doesn’t mind her out­fit tak­ing sec­ond place to her bag choice.

Arm Candy Cud­dler

Favoured by girls con­stantly on the go (think fren­zied street style stars be­fore Chanel’s show), this vibe is all about ‘i’m too busy to ac­tu­ally wear my bag’. you’re more con­cerned with its con­tents and hav­ing swift ac­cess to even the most in­ner of pock­ets, mean­ing you’re goal-ori­en­tated.

Han­dle Hoarder

whether it’s two, four or six, han­dle hoard­ers all agree one bag is never enough. Chances are a cross­body houses your es­sen­tials, a to­phan­dle your lap­top and a ruck­sack your gym kit. you find it hard say­ing no, which means you’re prob­a­bly the busiest per­son in the of­fice. but you al­ways get the job done.

sans SAC

Lug­ging a tote is ex­haust­ing and cum­ber­some. we there­fore bow down to the women who need no hand­bag for their ba­sics. For­get hoard­ing re­ceipts, two hair­brushes and 45+ lipsticks; you only re­quire a phone, credit card and a handy pocket. su­pe­ri­or­ity comes with the ter­ri­tory, but that’s no bad thing as far as we’re con­cerned. go get ’em, lady.

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