7 Ways To Pre­vent A Cold

Cough­ing, sneez­ing, splut­ter­ing, sniff­ing; avoid it all with these ex­pert tips.

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Sud­denly, every­one’s ill. In fact, most of us will have at least one cold ev­ery year*. Whilst per­ma­nently car­ry­ing a tube of anti-bac­te­rial gel and don­ning a sur­gi­cal face mask might be the ob­vi­ous no-cold so­lu­tion, it’s not re­ally err… stylish. Eliz­a­beth Wall, nu­tri­tion­ist at Hol­land & Bar­rett re­veals some eas­ier op­tions.


don’t ditch the green smoothie just yet, but add some va­ri­ety. eliz­a­beth ex­plains: ‘a rain­bow of colours will en­sure you’re get­ting a com­bi­na­tion of the dif­fer­ent nu­tri­ents avail­able.’


add this to your daily supplement list, pronto. the herb echi­nacea could help re­duce the num­ber of colds you get if you take it through­out the win­ter sea­son for at least 10 days, and if you do pick up a bug, it may help re­duce its sever­ity.

3 GET To bed

we hardly needed an ex­cuse to hit the sack, but eliz­a­beth rec­om­mends get­ting eight hours of sleep a night to strengthen our im­mune sys­tem. try get­ting your body into a rou­tine by go­ing to bed at the same time ev­ery night and wak­ing up at a sim­i­lar time each morn­ing.

4 KEEP Mov­ing

‘Stay­ing ac­tive can help pro­tect you from colds. aim for 0 min­utes daily of mod­er­ate ex­er­cise, such as brisk walk­ing, to keep your im­mune sys­tem tick­ing over.’

5 hands OFF Your FACE

‘Be mind­ful not to touch your eyes or nose as the cold virus can en­ter your sys­tem through­out these two body parts if you’re car­ry­ing the in­fec­tion on your hands.’

6 WASH Your hands

‘Hand hy­giene is cru­cial in the de­fence against colds, and wash­ing them reg­u­larly with soap and hot wa­ter is the most ef­fec­tive strat­egy,’ says eliz­a­beth. no, a quick fin­ger dip un­der tepid wa­ter won’t do the trick. re­search sug­gests that we should be wash­ing our hands for a solid 0 sec­onds**.


‘with­out suf­fi­cient vi­ta­min d your body’s tcells lie dor­mant and aren’t able to de­stroy the bugs.’ eat food with nat­u­rally high lev­els like eggs and mack­erel and try this get More vi­ta­min d drink, £1.45 at tesco.

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