Founded in 1864 (yes, re­ally) Next has be­come a beloved Bri­tish in­sti­tu­tion, and for AW16 things are look­ing bet­ter than ever.…


I’m just a small-town girl, which is not, in fact, any sort of ode to the Jour­ney song. It is, how­ever, nec­es­sary for you to un­der­stand be­fore I share with you my love for one of the stal­warts of the Bri­tish high street. When I was around 13, my par­ents gave me the great­est gift of all: free­dom. Off I went, birth­day money in (cargo) pocket, to catch the De­laine bus – this is a very spe­cific ref­er­ence to my home­town, but one I hope the pop­u­la­tion of Bourne will ap­pre­ci­ate – on my own for the very first time. It was just me, my friend and our hopes and dreams. And we took them to town, quite lit­er­ally. We took them through town, to be pre­cise, and all the way to Next. Yes, Next is the place where I bought clothes on my own for the first time in my life. This might not seem like a mat­ter of great im­por­tance to you but, to me, it marks the moment when I broke free of all shack­les, started pick­ing my own out­fits and thus de­vel­oped an all-con­sum­ing, slightly un­con­trol­lable love for things of a sar­to­rial per­sua­sion (ie, clothes). So yes, Next is nos­tal­gic for me. But don’t think it’s in my past. Oh no. For I have seen the brand’s new col­lec­tion for AW16, and it’s so good I’d even catch the De­laine to get to it. The em­broi­dery! The lace! The se­quins! Hon­estly, it’s packed with so many stand­out pieces, I don’t even know where to be­gin. Although might I sug­gest the shoes, which are all en­tirely won­der­ful? See what I mean? All-con­sum­ing. Thanks, Next.


1 Jumper, £46 2 Dress, £3 3 Jumper, £8 4 Shoes, £45, all Next 4



Dress, £85 San­dals, £35 Ring, £8 all Next

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