It's like the Arc­tic out­side, so as much as you might want to leave the house in your du­vet, this is what you should re­ally wear...

Look (UK) - - HEY BUSY GIRL! -

Safe to say, the tem­per­a­ture has well and truly plum­meted. It’s got to the point where all we want to do is hi­ber­nate with a hefty sup­ply of Mcvi­tie’s and Tet­ley. But we must soldier on – and we must do so prefer­ably with­out look­ing like the Miche­lin Man. To help you, we’ve put to­gether the ul­ti­mate OOTD that’ll keep you warm and up your style sta­tus – all you need to do is have it de­liv­ered.

1 Jeans, £45, Top­shop 2 Hat, £7.99, H&M 3 Gloves, £75, Just Sheep­skin 4 barem­iner­als But­ter Drench Restora­tive Cream, £32 5 Jumper, £79.95, Top­shop 6 Coat, £79.99, H&M 7 Scarf, £20, Top­shop 8 Ori­gins Drink Up Hy­drat­ing Lip Balm, £17.50 9 Boots, £75, River Is­land 10 Bag, £45.99, Joules

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