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If it’s ever OK to pick py­ja­mas over clothes, it’s at Christ­mas. So hooray for Mata­lan, who has PJS for the en­tire fam­ily


It’s The Most Won­der­ful Time Of The Year! Why? Is it be­cause of the faint, an­gelic sound of chil­dren car­ol­ing? Or could it be the rich aroma of wine mulling? Per­haps it’s the taste of mince pies and brandy but­ter? Ac­tu­ally, it’s be­cause this is re­ally the only time of the year when it’s so­cially ac­cept­able to live in your py­ja­mas. Whether you’re cook­ing Christ­mas din­ner, set­tling down to play Triv­ial Pur­suit or greet­ing long-lost fam­ily (no, we don’t even get dressed for that), the Yule­tide pe­riod is ef­fec­tively one long PJ party. This means it’s also en­tirely ac­cept­able to buy a brand new pair (or three) for your­self – and every­one else in your house. Hello, Mata­lan! Yes, the high street hotspot has cosy styles for one and all, from new­borns to even the grump­i­est of grannies. We’re talk­ing the full she­bang, too: fur­ry­trim socks, slip­pers, snug robes… You might want to get your­self down there, pronto. Af­ter all, it’s al­most time to put your PJS on. And we won’t be tak­ing them off un­til Jan­uary.

Py­ja­mas, £18, Mata­lan

Py­jama and mask boxed set, £18, Mata­lan

Slip­pers, £10, Mata­lan

Dressing gown, £20, Mata­lan Bot­toms, £12, Mata­lan

Slip­pers, £10, Mata­lan

For last-minute Christ­mas ideas, watch now at Mata­

Night­shirt, £8, Mata­lan

Top, £8, Mata­lan

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