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how fes­tive are you?

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Christ­mas Day is upon us, but what’s your fes­tive per­son­al­ity? Are you a Grinch to the core, or bounc­ing-offthe-walls Buddy the Elf? Take our tell-all quiz to find outé

1 What’s the best thing about Christ­mas?

a) I mean, I’d never say no to presents, but the rest is such a faff. Can’t we just scrap the build-up bit? (2)

b) EV­ERY­THING. Cake, presents, car­ols, rein­deer, Santa. OMG. (3)

c) When it’s over. Bah, hum­bug! (1)

2 What do you leave out for Fa­ther Christ­mas?

a) What­ever his heart de­sires. Mince pies, a glass of milk and car­rots for the rein­deer. Maybe then he’ll visit more than once a year… (3)

b) Noth­ing. Spoiler alert: He’s. Not. Real. (1)

c) A Slim­fast shake so he can get down those chim­neys quicker. (2)

3 You’re shop­ping in John Lewis and Jin­gle Bells starts to play. What do you do?

a) Leave. As quickly as my legs will carry me. (1) b) Whis­tle or hum along with­out re­al­is­ing. (2) c) Break out into song and dance. I’ve al­ways wanted to be part of a flash­mob. (3).

4 It’s tree time! When do you put yours up?

a) Um, I have bet­ter things to spend my money on. (1)

b) At the ear­li­est op­por­tu­nity, along­side my trea­sured col­lec­tion of dec­o­ra­tions. (3)

c) The se­cond week of De­cem­ber, but never be­fore. (2)

5 What does your go-to Christ­mas jumper look like?

a) A gi­ant Ru­dolph with a jin­gle bell for the nose and flash­ing lights as stan­dard. (3)

b) A cute pom­pom tree or a pen­guin. Fes­tive, but not too OTT. (2)

c) Navy and pink with a Fair Isle print. (1)

6 What’s your favourite part about Christ­mas Day?

a) The food. Roast turkey, stuff­ing, York­shire puds. Who said this had to be an an­nual thing? (2)

b) The peo­ple. It doesn’t mat­ter what day of the year it is, hav­ing every­one to­gether is the best feel­ing in the world. (3)

c) The end. It’s ex­haust­ing. Can I sleep now? (1)

7 It’s time to think about Christ­mas presents – what’s your POA?

a) I’ll just re­wrap my cast-offs from last year. No one’ll ever know. (1)

b) Well, I’ve been sav­ing since Fe­bru­ary so I’ll prob­a­bly draft out a spread­sheet of every­one’s gifts, then I’ll place a few or­ders and fi­nally sched­ule in a few shop­ping trips. Note to self: per­son­alise wrap­ping pa­per. (3)

c) Choose a quiet shop­ping day and get it all done in one hit. Sim­ples. (2)

8 Who’s your favourite Christ­mas char­ac­ter?

a) The Grinch. I just wish I had my own cave to hide away from all this Yule­tide crap. (1)

b) Elf. Re­mem­ber: the best way to spread Christ­mas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. (3)

c) Bob Cratchit. I’m happy all year round – Christ­mas is just an­other time to bring every­one to­gether. (2)

9 What’s your an­nual New Year’s Eve uni­form?

a) A clas­sic LBD. (2)

b) Jeans and tee. It’s not re­ally much dif­fer­ent to any other day, is it? (1)

c) Head-to-toe se­quins. I’ve been wait­ing for this night all year. (3)

10 What’s your favourite Christ­mas pas­time?

a) All of them. Carol singing, dec­o­rat­ing, bak­ing, shop­ping, wrap­ping, ice skat­ing. I just wish we could do them ev­ery day. (3)

b) Eat­ing. It’s the only time of year I can eat as much as I like with­out feel­ing guilty. (2)

c) Sleep­ing. That way, I can es­cape the ut­ter ridicu­lous­ness go­ing on around me. (1)

11 What’s your fes­tive mani per­son­al­ity?

a) Who has time for pol­ish? I’m too busy boozin’. (1)

b) A glit­ter nail never fails. (2)

c) Nail art Ru­dolphs, com­plete with fuzzy pom­pom noses. (3)

12 It’s Box­ing Day – how will you spend it?

a) Re­joic­ing. At long last, the hell that is Christ­mas is fi­nally over. Phew. (1) b) Eat­ing left­overs. Might as well make use of the food while it’s there. (2) c) Cry­ing that it’s come to an end. Un­til the evening, when I’ll start plan­ning next year’s cel­e­bra­tions. (3).

13 What’s on your Christ­mas list?

a) Noth­ing. I’ll end up with socks what­ever I ask for. (1)

b) Sta­tionery and food vouch­ers. Prac­ti­cal things that I ac­tu­ally need. (2)

c) I don’t re­ally have a list; Christ­mas is all about giv­ing, right? (3)

Fairisle jumper,

£80, Bella Freud

Ru­dolph jumper, £10, Missy Em­pire

Tree jumper, £8, Dorothy Perkins

t-shirt, £ Top­shop Jeans, £40, River Is­land

Dress, £150, Top­shop

House of Hol­land Nail Set, £8.99, Boots

Dress, £9.99, Zara

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