‘I Thought I Was Go­ing To Flash Some­one!’

Stella maxwell lifts the lid on the pre-show rit­ual she shares with her fel­low An­gels

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If you thought choos­ing what to wear to work was a tough job, try be­ing a Vic­to­ria’s Se­cret An­gel. With all eyes on the stel­lar line-up from the re­stroom to the run­way at the Vic­to­ria’s Se­cret Fash­ion Show, the mod­els face ex­treme pres­sure to get it right. And it turns out Bel­gian beauty Stella Maxwell, 26, is just as crit­i­cal of her own per­for­mance when she gets to work. ‘The sec­ond show was the bet­ter one – we knew what was com­ing up. We knew what we were do­ing,’ she tells Look af­ter the fi­nale at Paris’s Grand Palais. With the au­di­ence fix­ated on ev­ery inch of ev­ery out­fit, the An­gels have to re­sist temp­ta­tion to give them a tweak. ‘The be­jew­elled, sheer body suit was my favourite,’ says Stella, ‘but I felt like it started to ride down my body. I had this feel­ing to try to pull it up, but then I was

like: “Don’t start do­ing that on the run­way!” But it was epic and I don’t think you could see it fall­ing down, so it was all good.’

It’s no un­der­state­ment to de­scribe the fash­ion show as spec­tac­u­lar. Lady Gaga joined the 51 An­gels and Stella was full of ado­ra­tion for the Poker Face hit-maker, who grabbed her hand as she strut­ted past in brown suede booties and a yel­low lin­gerie set, teamed with a leder­ho­sen-style skirt, match­ing sus­penders and an ar­ray of feath­ers adorn­ing her back. Here, Stella re­veals just what it takes to earn those pres­ti­gious wings…

Do you work out harder in the run-up to the show? Yes, I was work­ing out ev­ery day for two weeks. I wouldn’t do that usu­ally. I mean, I still have a lot of other shoots to do, but this is such fun and ev­ery­one loves it. Do you and the girls have any pre-show rit­u­als? We wish each other good luck and give one an­other com­pli­ments. We say: ‘You look sick,’ and ‘You’re gonna kill it!’ Elsa [Hosk] and I were sit­ting next to each other and she was like: ‘You look amaz­ing,’ and I was like: ‘No, you look amaz­ing!’ Where you ner­vous? No, not re­ally. I was feel­ing good as I was en­joy­ing it so much. I didn’t let the nerves get to me this time. Do you share work­out tips with each other? If so, what’s your top one? Jas­mine [Tookes] was telling me about an­kle weights, as I’ve never worked out with them. She was telling me to do the same ex­er­cises but with the weights to make it harder and more ef­fec­tive, so now I use them. To tone up, my trainer makes me use bands around my knees and an­kles, and then I do squats. When it burns, you know you’re do­ing it right. Are there any foods you avoid be­fore the show? Gen­er­ally, all year round I’m in shape and I work out, so I just eat healthily to com­ple­ment that life­style. I drink juices. I do yoga. I eat a lot of pro­tein. I also eat every­thing in mod­er­a­tion and don’t avoid any­thing. Beets and car­rots go into my favourite juice – oh, and ap­ples. What do you have for break­fast, lunch and din­ner the day be­fore? For break­fast I’ll have a pro­tein shake, scram­bled egg and av­o­cado, then a chicken Cae­sar salad for lunch and sushi for din­ner. Do you get fa­cials be­fore the show? I didn’t have the oxy­gen fa­cial, but Bella [Ha­did]did and she said it was amaz­ing. I try to not play around with my skin too much be­fore an event in case it breaks out. Ev­ery­one’s skin is dif­fer­ent. A prod­uct that makes your skin glow? I love Max Fac­tor’s Creamy Blush – it re­ally high­lights the right part of the cheek. Is there any ri­valry be­tween the girls? No! It’s so nice. There isn’t any­one that doesn’t fit in. We all gel re­ally well. Which celeb would love to spot on the front row? I don’t re­ally think about the front row. I just think about what I’m do­ing. If you were go­ing to de­sign your own wings, what would they be like? Black, lacy and tight – su­per-sexy. They wouldn’t be that big, though. It’s not about size but how pretty they look.

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