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Don’ t ne­glect the warm-up Zanna rec­om­mends a com­bi­na­tion of walk­ing lunges, side lunges and leg swings to get the hips mov­ing. She says: ‘Warm­ing up is re­ally es­sen­tial. I spend five min­utes warm­ing up and 10 min­utes cool­ing down.’ DO Make A Plan

‘The first thing I do in each ses­sion is a key lift, which I’ll do for five sets, re­ally heavy, for three to six reps,’ Zanna re­veals. ‘I’ll fol­low this with two or three su­per-sets, which are a bit lighter with more reps. With su­per-sets, I don’t leave any time be­tween the dif­fer­ent moves – I go im­me­di­ately into the next one.’

DON’T Rush It

‘I spend be­tween 40 and 45 min­utes lift­ing,’ says Zanna. ‘ If you go heavy and push your­self hard, you don’t need to be there any longer.’

DON’T Sweat It

‘Hon­estly, on up­per-body days I don’t leave the gym drip­ping in sweat think­ing: “That was the best work­out of my life.” I just leave feel­ing strong,’ ex­plains Zanna. ‘There’s this precon­cep­tion that you have to be shat­tered at the end of ev­ery sin­gle work­out. You don’t!’

DO Make It Part Of Your Rou­tine

‘I lift four days a week in the morn­ing,’ says Zanna. ‘ I do two up­per-body ses­sions and two lower-body ses­sions. I see changes as I’m push­ing my­self su­per-hard in the ses­sions.’

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