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Scarves are giv­ing us hair grief. Yep, that’s right, we may love a cosy knit­ted scarf and hat, but our hair re­ally doesn’t.

win­ter’s worst en­emy

the ma­te­rial from our pro­tec­tive out­er­wear causes static, which weak­ens locks and leaves them prone to break­age.

Pro­tect it with: Nexxus Nutri­tive Restor­ing Masque, £27. en­riched with a caviar com­plex and elastin pro­teins, it acts like a coat of armour for your hair, deeply re­hy­drat­ing it, bind­ing mois­ture within and re­in­forc­ing its strength.

res­cue over­coloured ends

Con­stant dye puts your hair un­der stress, leav­ing it weak and worn out, so try to colour your locks in a gen­tler way.

Pro­tect it with: Bum­ble & Bum­ble’s Color Sticks, £23. these clever crayons con­ceal your roots with­out dam­age. they blend in with the tex­ture of your hair rather than just sit­ting on top. and the colour lasts un­til your next wash.

buy posh pil­lows

the higher the thread count in your cot­ton pil­low­cases, the more fi­bres are packed into the fab­ric’s con­struc­tion, mak­ing it stiff and thick. this is bad news for your hair, as toss­ing and turn­ing causes ma­jor fric­tion. In­vest in a silk pil­low­case and pamper your hair with a treat­ment oil or cream once a week.

Pro­tect it with: Percy & Reed’s Won­der Treat­ment Oil, £25, to re­build hair struc­ture. It con­tains a tal­ented trio of oils – camel­lia seed oil, ma­cadamia seed oil and car­rot seed oil – that pen­e­trate the scalp and hair to re­in­force bounce and strength.

fit chicks tune in!

If your new year health kick in­volves sweaty spin­ning classes or bikram yoga, you’ll need to wash your hair quite of­ten, in which case it’s a good idea to re­think your sham­poo.

Pro­tect it with: L’oréal El­vive Colour Pro­tect Low Sham­poo, £6.99. It’s sul­phate-free and cre­ates zero foam, mak­ing it ideal for weak­ened hair. the cream cush­ions strands as it cleanses, cre­at­ing min­i­mal fric­tion and break­age.

stop los­ing hair

re­search has found that in win­ter we shed a whop­ping 10 per cent of our hair. stop tan­gles in their tracks and let your hair­brush run free through wet, vul­ner­a­ble strands with this clever new prod­uct.

Pro­tect it with: Toni & Guy Smooth Def­i­ni­tion Mask, £6.49. It con­tains con­di­tion­ing agents that sur­round the hair fi­bres and act like mini flood de­fences to hold wa­ter around each strand. the wa­ter then cush­ions each hair, forc­ing them apart, pro­tect­ing them from fric­tion and pre­vent­ing knots when you rinse. ge­nius!

hair­styles ru­in­ing your hair

‘ex­ten­sions and weaves can be a big stress fac­tor for hair,’ re­veals stylist neil Moodie. ‘ev­ery­day us­age of­ten leaves your roots bro­ken and brit­tle, which some­times causes trac­tion alope­cia. su­per-tight pony­tails and braids can also trau­ma­tise the fol­li­cle.’

Pro­tect it with: sup­ple­ment your diet with Vivis­cal, £51.95, to en­cour­age hair growth, as well as tak­ing your hair on a boot­camp-like break, free from braids and ex­ten­sions. weekly scalp mas­sages will also stim­u­late growth. also try Win­dle And Moodie Es­sen­tial Oils Elixir, £29.


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