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Salmon: Why? Omega-3, baby! The fatty acid is great for your im­mune sys­tem and also com­bats de­pres­sion. Try it in a pasta dish like this one for a dou­ble hit of happy. CRAN­BER­RIES: Why? Ever had a uri­nary tract in­fec­tion? Ouch, right? These lit­tle berries help to keep your blad­der healthy and pre­vent the dreaded cys­ti­tis. Try dried cran­ber­ries daily on your morn­ing ce­real. Dark Choco­late: Why? Do you need a rea­son? It’s choco­late! The 80 - 90% co­coa kind boosts nat­u­ral sero­tonin, so if you feel blue in the af­ter­noon, nib­ble on a square of the dark magic to pep you up. OYS­TERS: Why? You ei­ther love them or hate them, but they’re the sex­i­est ocean food. Oys­ters im­prove dopamine lev­els, which boosts li­bido in women and men, and af­ter a few laps round the bed­room who could be in a bad mood? Shi­itake mush­rooms: Why? These Asian rel­a­tives to the reg­u­lar mush­room are packed full of vi­ta­min B, in par­tic­u­lar B6, which is packed full of sero­tonin and mela­tonin that helps you reg­u­late your sleep pat­terns. And we all know sleep = happy.

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