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There’s a rea­son it’s called beauty sleep: here are five ways to max­imise your 40 winks.

bol­ster your bed li­nen

Don’t go to bed with­out a pre-sleep spritz of This Works Sleep Plus Pil­low Spray, £25 (01). the sub­tle scent in­duces a sense of calm so you can head to the land of nod. If you do hap­pen to wake, the mi­cro-en­cap­su­lated aro­mather­apy mol­e­cules are mo­tion-ac­ti­vated, so toss­ing and turn­ing in bed will spark fresh waves of sooth­ing scent into the room, help­ing you to drift back off. when tested on 200 weary souls, 89 per cent of users said they woke less in the night and 97 per cent felt chirpier in the morn­ing.

ap­ply a body cream

tak­ing the time to mas­sage in a rich body cream melts away ten­sion like noth­ing else. we love Tem­ple Spa Du­vet Body Cream, £33 (02). Its gor­geous, skin-hug­ging tex­ture treats your skin while sooth­ing an ad­dled mind. brim­ming with frank­in­cense and laven­der, it will pro­long your body’s pow­er­ing-down mode, help­ing you to fall into a deep slum­ber.

light a can­dle

a beau­ti­ful can­dle is the per­fect choice for calm­ing bed­time air. Jo Malone Lon­don Laven­der & Lo­vage Home Can­dle, £39 (03), is in­stantly seda­tive and hyp­notic. Light pre-bed­time so that the scent has time to fill your room with its sooth­ing aroma (just make sure you put it out be­fore you go to sleep).

turn Down the ther­mo­stat

we get that it’s freez­ing out­side, but whack­ing up the cen­tral heat­ing only con­trib­utes to a rest­less night’s sleep. ‘It can also af­fect the qual­ity of your rem sleep,’ says Dr anna per­saud, Ceo at this works. the solution? ‘Make sure your room is around 16-18 de­grees, as this helps fa­cil­i­tate a de­crease in core body tem­per­a­ture and in turn spurs sleepi­ness.’ yep, mind-blow­ing, we know! but hav­ing a hot yet re­lax­ing bath or shower straight be­fore bed­time raises your in­ter­nal tem­per­a­ture and you’ll ac­tu­ally find it harder to drift off. so make sure you have a bath a few hours ahead to give your body a chance to cool down and add Lola’s Apothe­cary Sweet Lul­laby Bath Oil, £34 (04), to re­in­force the re­lax­ation fac­tor. packed with laven­der, ylang ylang, patchouli and vanilla oil, it’s ex­traor­di­nar­ily con­cen­trated so a lit­tle goes a long way.





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