How To Get The Body Of An Ath­lete

Brit hockey player and Olympic gold medal­list Sam Quek might not be train­ing right now, but she’s still keep­ing fit. Here’s how…

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‘I like to run for about 40 min­utes twice a week and then I try to do some gym work on the side to stay strong.’

Loosen up ‘To warm up at the gym I spend 10 min­utes on the bike at a slow pace. Out­side, I’ll do 15 min­utes of skip­ping, jog­ging or side-steps. Then I stretch. Cool­ing down is nor­mally a five-minute ex­er­cise such as jog­ging and then a 10-15 minute stretch.’ Core ‘I do medicine ball twists. Bal­ance on your bot­tom hold­ing the ball and twist it from your left side to your right side. You can also stay in that po­si­tion and push the ball up to your toes and the air. I do 50 of th­ese, split up into sets.’ Legs ‘Lunge with dumb­bells – I do 10kg with six reps per leg.’ Arms ‘Push-ups. I know it’s generic but th­ese hit all the spots. Add 10kg onto your back to make it harder. I do about 20 reps.’


‘I try to make sure I have a healthy bal­ance of off days and on days. It keeps me mo­ti­vated.’

sleep ‘I’m in bed around 10.30pm and fall asleep by 11pm. But if I’m up at 6am then I’ll be in bed by 8pm.’

BUDDY up ‘Some­times my boyfriend Tom will go run­ning with me out­side but I’m fit­ter, 100 per cent! He nor­mally stays on the path and walks the dog.’

rest DAYS ‘As an ath­lete I only ever have Sun­days off, but as a non-train­ing ath­lete I take two or three days off. It’s re­ally im­por­tant to have days off to just to rest your body and let it re­cover.’

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‘As an ath­lete I eat 2,000 or 3,000 calo­ries a day, but now that I’m not train­ing I just eat healthily and cook fresh food.’

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