Jazmin Car­lin

Train like an Olympian Fancy a swim? Olympic sil­ver medal­list Jazz Car­lin gets us pool-ready! Although her work­out sched­ule is pretty toughé

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Best Stroke For­ward

‘Swim­ming works on the whole of your body, but each stroke is unique and re­quires dif­fer­ent mus­cles with vary­ing lev­els of dif­fi­culty.’

Front Crawl

This works your chest, lats and back. Keep your body po­si­tion flat, with a slight slope down to the hips so you keep the leg kick un­der wa­ter. Arms should be slightly bent in front of you when they en­ter the wa­ter. Legs to­gether, an­kles re­laxed and kick in a con­tin­u­ous mo­tion.


Great for im­prov­ing your pos­ture and works your back, lats and ham­strings. Keep your head still and neck re­laxed – the wa­ter should come up to about your ears. Us­ing your arms, lead with your thumbs as they come out of the wa­ter. Make sure your an­kles stay re­laxed and knees are slightly bent when kick­ing down­wards.


Opt for this if you want low­in­ten­sity work, while us­ing your chest and quad mus­cles. Shoul­ders, legs and hips re­main hor­i­zon­tal, but sloped slightly to make sure your leg kick stays be­neath the wa­ter. El­bows need to be as high as your head. Un­like front crawl, most of the power comes from the legs; keep knees slightly over hip­width apart, fac­ing down and just be­hind hip line.

To im­prove stamina, do 10 sets of 50-100 me­tres with a five to 10 sec­ond rest in between each set. Try to push your­self, go­ing faster on each rep or tak­ing less rest.

Swim Strength

No pool? No wor­ries. Get fit away from the wa­ter…

Pull-ups re­quire the same mus­cle groups you rely on in the wa­ter. Use a band or as­sisted ma­chine to help.

leg Presses are great for your turns and push­ing off the pool wall and they strengthen your leg mus­cles too.

Dead­bugs will work your all-im­por­tant core and abdominal mus­cles and help bal­ance out your stroke when you’re in the wa­ter. Lie on your back, arms ex­tended straight up above the shoul­ders. Bend hips and knees to a 90-de­gree an­gle. Slowly straighten left leg to­wards the floor, bring­ing right arm over­head. Re­turn to start and swap sides.

Jazz’s Train­ing Di­ary

6.30am: ‘Wake up. Gym ses­sion on the Versa Climber (think tread­mill com­bined with cross trainer). I do 6-0 sets of 30 sec­onds at max­i­mum ef­fort.’

7am: ‘Two-and-a-half hour swim ses­sion. I try to keep my heart rate around 50-60bpm.’

9.30am : ‘Post-swim physio, then home to nap and re­fuel.’

2pm: ‘Back in the pool. This time it’s more in­tense, aim­ing for around 85-90bpm.’

2.15 pm :‘ Weight ses­sion at the gym o rid opil at es twice a week .’

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