The £5 Buy Look’s Le­git Los­ing Sleep Over

Can a belt change your life? Well, no, but it can damn well drive you bonkers. Max­ine Eggen­berger re­counts her de­scent into mad­ness as she fran­ti­cally searched for a buy that was yet to be…

Look (UK) - - FIRST LOOK - words: Max­ine eggen­berger @Max­fashed­i­tor

For the last two weeks, my morn­ing rou­tine has gone like this: I wake up and, be­fore my eyes can ad­just to the shock of be­ing open for the first time in six (read: 11) hours, my phone is in hand as I be­gin fran­ti­cally scrolling through H&M’S new ar­rivals.

This may sound like stan­dard pro­to­col for some­one who works in fash­ion. It’s not. Since I was a teen, get­ting up has al­ways been a gar­gan­tuan chore; I’m a se­rial snoozer and, I tell you, it takes more than a Bar­dot top to dis­turb my slum­ber. And yes, I did just quote Aladdin’s Cave of Won­ders.

Why then, I hear you cry, have I suc­cumbed to this in­ces­sant be­hav­iour? Be­cause of a £4.99 belt, that’s why. Now, be­fore you dis­miss me as some sort of crazed shop­ping beast – mouth-froth and all – hear me out: this is no or­di­nary ac­ces­sory. This is the ac­ces­sory that every­one will beg, bor­row and, quite pos­si­bly, steal to get their hands on (NB: Look in no way ad­vo­cates the lat­ter, just so we’re clear). How­ever, it’s def­i­nitely worth splash­ing your cash should the op­por­tu­nity present it­self.

Not so sub­tly in­spired by Gucci’s iconic £240 dou­ble G belt, I’ve been able to think of lit­tle else since the fate­ful day I hap­pened upon H&M’S homage, which I saw styled on a model shot. In­deed, it is not yet avail­able on­line, hence my hourly, hy­per-pan­icked hunts. It’s set to grace the web­site on 28.2.17, but the brand’s in­sid­ers have only now re­vealed it’s al­ready snuck its way into stores. The ac­tual shops. Of course!

For all the mod­ern ad­vances the in­ter­net has be­stowed on us (an end­less stream of cute an­i­mal videos be­ing paramount) in turn it has made my shop­ping ap­petite all the more in­sa­tiable. And some­times, sel­dom as those oc­ca­sions may be, it still can’t keep up with the IRL shops. Now, ex­cuse me while I quit hit­ting re­fresh and head out into the un­known high street to find me a £4.99 belt. What a time to be alive.

Belt, £4.99, H&M

Fash­ion News Edi­tor Max­ine fi­nally gets her hands (read: waist) on H&M’S belt…

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