10 min­utes to... to Boost Your 9-5

Need some ca­reer zen? We spoke to Oli Doyle, au­thor of Mind­ful­ness At Work (£6.99, Orion) for his tips on em­brac­ing in­ner calmé

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1 Start With A Clear Mind walk­ing to work, feel your­self breath­ing and look around. no­tice colours and pat­terns – see how much de­tail you can take in. when you feel calm, take time to plan your day and pri­ori­tise tasks. hav­ing a clear mind will en­sure you get the best out of your­self.

2 Stop Mul­ti­task­ing Do one thing at a time; mul­ti­task­ing has been proven to be in­ef­fi­cient. When­ever pos­si­ble, give each task your to­tal at­ten­tion and see it through to its end.

3 Em­brace Stress if stress is there, al­low it to be. when you fight it, that very re­sis­tance cre­ates worry. take 10 sec­onds then fo­cus on the task as best as you can, with­out fret­ting about the out­come. 4 Deal With Con­flict (The Right Way) Con­flict isn’t a prob­lem, it’s the thoughts and feel­ings gen­er­ated that cause trou­ble. Al­low these thoughts to be there, but don’t let them con­trol how you han­dle the sit­u­a­tion. In­stead, let them pass through you be­fore ad­dress­ing the con­flict.

5 Incorporate Daily Breath­ing Ex­er­cises through­out the day, take a few sec­onds to fo­cus on your breath­ing. when­ever think­ing grabs your at­ten­tion, re­turn to your breath­ing. this al­lows you to re­fo­cus. 6 Live in The Present Prac­tise con­cen­trat­ing on what is hap­pen­ing now and leave the past and fu­ture alone. When you are at work, be there fully and keep your home life sep­a­rate. At the end of the day, shift your at­ten­tion to your jour­ney home. Stay in the here and now.

Re­move all the stick­ies and just count to 10É

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