Weird Science

Un­usual in­gre­di­ents like snail snot and sea­horse plank­ton are be­com­ing less bizarre ad­di­tions to our skin­care. Here are the ones to look out foré

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De­rived from a deep orange-coloured root, beauty’s buzz­word of 2017 is an anti-in­flam­ma­tory won­der. It helps soothe flare-ups and fights nasty acne-caus­ing bac­te­ria. TRY: kiehl’s turmeric & Cran­berry seed en­er­giz­ing ra­di­ance Masque, £8


This 100 per cent nat­u­ral and ve­gan friendly mi­croal­gae is known to stim­u­late skin cells and en­cour­age re­newal. It’s also deeply mois­tur­is­ing. TRY: sea­horse plank­ton ever­last­ing ra­di­ance Cleans­ing gel, £14.

SNAIL mu­cus

Snail slime (or mucin, to be cor­rect) is won­drous be­cause it helps to cre­ate col­la­gen and elastin. Skin be­comes more re­silient and less prone to wrin­kling. TRY: dr or­ganic snail gel Cream, £0.


Dur­ing the yeast fer­men­ta­tion process of sake (rice wine), a su­per-hy­drat­ing po­tent ex­tract called Pit­era is re­leased. It gives skin a youth­ful, dewy glow by nat­u­rally re­new­ing cells. TRY: sk-ii Fa­cial treat­ment essence, £13

SHEEP Grease

Did you know lano­lin is ac­tu­ally sheep serum? The woolly an­i­mals nat­u­rally pro­duce it and we use it to deeply mois­turise any­where dry. TRY: lano­lips 101 oint­ment, £10.


Clever clogs at Belif found that peat, as in boggy dirt, has skin boost­ing prop­er­ties. it tight­ens skin, in­creases elas­tic­ity and is an­tibac­te­rial. TRY: Belif peat Mir­a­cle re­vi­tal Cream £43. @ ama­


Used in skin­care to re­duce fine lines and wrin­kles. The ef­fi­cacy of venom is sup­ported by lots of re­search so it’s worth a try! TRY: ro­dial Bee Venom su­per serum, £160

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