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If there was a #fit­spo award, 25-year-old Kayla Itsines would get it, with her Sweat With Kayla app help­ing trans­form the bod­ies of over 10 mil­lion women. Win­ner!

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She DOES eat treats

‘You can’t say you fin­ish eat­ing your din­ner at night and go: “I’m done. I’m off to sleep!” Ev­ery­one wants a cup of tea with bis­cuits or a brownie. Ev­ery­one wants that. I want that! I put the treats in the back of my 28 Day Healthy Eat­ing & Life­style Guide so peo­ple can open the book and make some­thing easy that doesn’t make them feel urgh.’

She knows what feels good

‘There are no foods I avoid but deep-fried things make me feel ill. I’m not in­tol­er­ant to any­thing but I’m a bit sen­si­tive to milk and dairy-heavy food. What might af­fect some­one may not af­fect some­one else.’

She preps ahead

‘Meal prep the night be­fore so you’re not just eat­ing what­ever is in the of­fice, like muffins or sweets. It’s so im­por­tant, es­pe­cially for busy mums. Even if it’s just a Tup­per­ware with yo­gurt with gra­nola or berries in a cup. I didn’t re­alise how ex­pen­sive ac­tual Tup­per­ware is. I just went and bought plas­tic con­tain­ers with lids for a quar­ter of the price.’

She eats carbs

‘Do you know what carbs stand for? Car­bo­hy­drates. Know what they do? Give you en­ergy! I don’t un­der­stand why women who want to lose weight cut out carbs. You might as wells ay: “i want to cut out en­ergy ,” be­cause that’s what you’re ac­tu­ally do­ing by not eat­ing carbs. When you cut out all your en­ergy, you be­come tired and lethar­gic, you don’t feel like eat­ing and you don’t want to work out.’

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