The ‘Chuck It In Your Gym Bag’ Snacks

Nu­tri­tion­ist at Su­per­fooduk Shona Wilkin­son gives us a guided tour of the best bars in the busi­ness

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BIOGLAN RAW BITES CA­CAO + QUINOA 140g, £4.99, HOL­LAND & BAR­RETT shona rates these tasty bites, ex­plain­ing that while they might be sweet, they’re all nat­u­ral. ‘it has the added ben­e­fit of be­ing gluten-free and ve­gan. Quinoa is in­cluded, which is a good source of pro­tein and will help keep you fuller for longer,’ she adds.

HANGRY FOOD CO BERRY THE RAGE 40g, £1.59 cran­ber­ries, dates, al­monds, oats and sun­flower seeds make up this hunger-bust­ing bar, great for cur­ing that af­ter­noon slump. it’s also ve­gan-friendly and free from wheat, re­fined sug­ars and pro­cessed syrups.

MYPROTEIN My BAR ZERO 65g, £2.49 With only 2.4g of sugar per bar and 90 per cent fewer carbs than a stan­dard pro­tein bar, these are bril­liant gym fod­der. ‘the high amount of pro­tein will help mus­cles to re­cover and the small amounts of sugar won’t cause blood sugar to spike,’ re­veals shona.

KIND PLUS CRANBERRY ALMOND & AN­TIOX­I­DANTS 40g, £17.88 FOR 12 these taste naughty but they’re not. shona says the nuts of­fer a good pro­tein source, while the cran­ber­ries help with uri­nary tract in­fec­tions. ‘it’s a step in the right di­rec­tion away from chocolate bars but it does still con­tain a lot of sugar.’

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