Why It’s Good To Be a loser

La La Land, lis­ten up! A new study has re­vealed that losers are the real win­ners…

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You’ve missed out on your dream job, lost your per­fect home to a cash buyer and that ebay dress you had your eye on? You just weren’t quick enough. And think of the cast of La La Land, who last week ac­tu­ally touched ‘their’ Os­car be­fore it was stripped away and given to Moon­light.

But they needn’t fret. Not just be­cause they won six other awards that night, but be­cause US re­searchers may have fi­nally proven that fail­ure is some­times as good as a win. Ac­cord­ing to the re­cent study con­ducted at the Rens­se­laer Polytech­nic In­sti­tute, peo­ple who re­ceive spe­cific and con­sid­er­ate feed­back af­ter los­ing are more open-minded to work­ing harder and mak­ing im­prove­ments. So the cast and crew of La La Land might just be set to make an­other even big­ger, bet­ter film in the future.

‘No one leaps fully formed into some­thing new,’ says Jo Us­mar, author of This Book Will Make You Fear­less. ‘You learn, grow and de­velop from your fail­ures. If you ac­cept los­ing out now, you’ll be bet­ter at life. Ac­cept­ing los­ing means you won’t take things so per­son­ally. You’ll chal­lenge your­self, you’ll put your­self for­ward for things, you’ll meet more in­ter­est­ing peo­ple and you your­self will be more in­ter­est­ing. You’ll be­come bet­ter at what you do and gain a bet­ter per­spec­tive on what you want.’

Well, that’s cer­tainly told us. We even feel a smidge bet­ter about miss­ing out on that dress now. Here’s to be­ing a loser, guys!

And the award for most awk­ward Os­cars mo­ment goes to...

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