In­side The World Of A Vip NANNY

Jet-set­ting, de­signer clothes and a whop­ping salary just to look af­ter the kids? We delve deep into what life look­ing af­ter baby Chiam could be like…


Lexi,* 29, has been an A-list nanny for the past two years, keep­ing the se­crets of her rich and fa­mous boss and at­tend­ing to their three lit­tle ones’ ev­ery need

‘It’s 9am and al­ready I’m cov­ered in face paint. But I’m no de­voted mother; this is sim­ply what my life is like now I look af­ter the kids of a big celebrity fam­ily. Some peo­ple think I live a charmed life. But it’s never glam­orous be­ing the help!

I didn’t mean to be a nanny, I sort of fell into it. Ev­ery day I go to work at a multi-mil­lion-pound house. There’s a squash court, swim­ming pool and hair sa­lon. It all takes a lit­tle get­ting used to but, sadly, be­comes nor­mal when you’ve seen it for too long.

The best part of my job is the chil­dren; they’re so much fun to be around and we al­ways have a re­ally good time – even if they’re dressed in head-to-toe de­signer, right down to their gloves. I try to do nor­mal things with them, like paint­ing and cook­ing, and I try to get out with them a lot. It can be a sti­fling en­vi­ron­ment for them in­doors, es­pe­cially with the se­cu­rity team (who are all pretty hot) em­ployed by the fam­ily. But then, they’ve never known any­thing dif­fer­ent. It can be dif­fi­cult if there are pa­parazzi around but, luck­ily, I don’t en­counter that too much. With our driv­ers and se­cu­rity, though, we do get some very strange looks. Of­ten I’m just in tow with the fam­ily. Yes, it’s al­ways awk­ward to be in some­one’s per­sonal space but their mother needs the help. She’s su­per hands-on, but they can be a lot to man­age. I cur­rently work part­time, for three or four days a week, from 8am-8pm, and it’s full-on. But the perks are good. On top of my gen­er­ous salary I get a daily al­lowance and they pay for my apart­ment, which is off-site. I get how lucky I am in that re­spect. But then, some days I’m tired, cranky and still have to deal with scream­ing chil­dren – I work hard for it. Peo­ple also think I must be given in­cred­i­ble gifts all the time, but there’s less of that, though I do get a yearly bonus.

One nice perk is that I get to travel with the fam­ily, so I’ve been to some ridicu­lously ex­pen­sive, five-star lo­ca­tions and never paid a penny. They still like to do things as a fam­ily, so get­ting nights off when I’m in Bora Bora can be amaz­ing, but it does get lonely.

And that’s why I won’t do it for­ever. It’s crazy and ex­cit­ing, but I’m al­ways on their time and my so­cial life has taken a hit. The en­tire life­style is ridicu­lous too and sadly, I’ve learned that wealthy peo­ple have no care for con­se­quences as they’re al­ways able to buy their way out. But would I change it now? No. It pays well, it’s an ex­pe­ri­ence and I get to see parts of the world I wouldn’t have seen. And did I men­tion that the se­cu­rity are all ex­cep­tion­ally hot..?’

It’s never glam­orous be­ing the help

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