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the dancer tells us how she shapes up Look In­flu­encer and pro­fes­sional dancer Danielle, 28, has rounded up her top three moves to get you lim­ber and leané

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Need To Know

‘Get­ting a dancer’s body is more about min­i­mal move­ments. You’re re­ally work­ing the mus­cles from the in­side, be­cause that’s where you’re go­ing to get that toned and sculpted look. When i work out, i don’t re­ally sweat and peo­ple say i’m not work­ing hard, but i’m mov­ing – i’m still con­trol­ling my breath­ing. it’s about all those tiny lit­tle move­ments. And i make sure i en­gage my core what­ever i’m do­ing.’ Prac­tise each move for 30 sec­onds. Com­plete two to three rounds…


‘With legs shoul­der-width apart, feet fac­ing out­wards, bend at the knees. keep your knee over the mid­dle toe. Think about the top of your head; that’ s go­ing to keep your back flat, as if you were be­tween two walls.’

Port De Bras

‘Stay with feet shoul­der-width apart. Place one arm above your head and one be­low. imag­ine cre­at­ing a big cir­cle with your arms. Bend to one side, stay­ing in be­tween the two walls. en­gage your core. You should feel it on the op­po­site side of your ribs. Swap sides. Try to do a plié at the same time.’

Arabesque Into At­ti­tude

‘Take one leg be­hind you. The other leg should be nat­u­rally turned out. Lift back leg to a com­fort­able height, hips fac­ing for­ward. keep­ing your thigh where it is, iso­late lower leg. Pull heel to­wards your bum to en­gage that glute on the side.’

Danielle’s 12-Week Body Plan is avail­able at we­heartliv­ing.com/danielle

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