Which A-lis­ter Are You?


Mostly As: you’re


You’re ba­si­cally Su­per­woman – you’ll be work­ing hard while do­ing a brill job of bring­ing up your bubba. Can we have some of your en­ergy, please?

Mostly Cs: you’re rosie


Health is para­mount in your life. You know what’s good and what isn’t and your baby’s about to know it, too. Keep this up and you’ll soon be our ul­ti­mate fit­spo – oh, wait…

Mostly Bs: you’re amal


You cer­tainly have your pri­or­i­ties straight. At the same time, your style is se­ri­ously on point and your baby will have one hell of a mini wardrobe. We just wish it was ours…

Mostly Ds: you’re ch­eryl!

You look 10/10 all day, e’ry­day – and you’re se­ri­ously chill about it. We give it one week be­fore your baby is just as cool as you and we’re idol­is­ing them too. No shame.

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