10 min­utes to… Cure your so­cial fomo

We asked Vanessa King, lead psy­chol­ogy ex­pert at Ac­tion For Hap­pi­ness, about the fear of miss­ing out

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1 Cut Back…

So­cial me­dia can be toxic for our hap­pi­ness. Try lim­it­ing your­self to check­ing your feed once or twice a day or set­ting aside a fixed pe­riod of time. Tell peo­ple this is your new rule so they don’t ex­pect to see you on­line.

2 Pause

‘Take time to think about what re­ally mat­ters to you,’ says Vanessa. ‘Write down what’s im­por­tant to you in a list and fo­cus on try­ing to tick off three of those things. No one can have or do ev­ery­thing.’

3 take ac­tion…

Think about what you could be do­ing with your time in­stead – per­haps get­ting to­gether with friends for real or fo­cus­ing on a new hobby. It will dis­tract you from your FOMO.

4 Prac­tice Mind­ful­ness…

‘Take a mo­ment to think about how your mood changes when you feel FOMO,’ Vanessa ad­vises. ‘Do you feel pulled down? In­stead, think about who makes you feel good. Find­ing a few min­utes for re­flec­tion will help you make good choices about how much time you should be spend­ing on what and who. Qual­ity is bet­ter than quan­tity.’

5 re­mem­ber…

FOMO is a source of anx­i­ety for many. Com­par­ing our­selves to oth­ers’ so­cial lives is dif­fi­cult. There are now so many so­cial me­dia sites, and we haven’t had a chance to de­velop healthy habits. It’s se­duc­tive and de­signed to suck us in. Ba­si­cally, it’s not just you. Share your wor­ries with your friends and you’ll be sur­prised at how much bet­ter you feel.

step away from the phone…

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